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Memories of SSU

Margie Mowbray

Clerical Assistant, Student Placement, 1970-1971
Department Secretary, Management, 1971-1983
Student, 1977-1987

Reentry into Academia at SSU

            At 58 years old in 1970, I went back to work as a clerical assistant and then a secretary in the Management Studies Department. It was a courageous thing to do. I had always been a housewife and a mother. Now, I was a person of worth in a new world. Besides having so much to learn, the new friendships I made were stimulating and exciting.

            Staff members were offered a chance to take a course through the fee waiver program. It had been 20 years since junior college, but I thought I could handle English 101, “Expository Writing.” I received an “A” and was hooked. The Reentry program was supportive to all who had postponed their education to have a family or go to work. I was encouraged to take more classes, earning degrees in history and English. It was the turning point of my life and a marvelous adventure.

            I will always treasure memories of SSU and the rewards I received from being a part of it. It changed my life, and I am grateful. As Amby Nichols once told me, “Life evolves.” Working and studying at SSU opened new doors for me.