Resources from the Faculty Retreat

Burning Questions: Yours and Ours

held January 21, 2016 in the Library Teaching Center


Student Success Discussion

Analysis of discussion by charateristics of students, what faculty can do, what the university can do.

These document will be used for further discussion and by the WASC Steering Committee

Program Review Discussion

This document has been shared with the
University Program Review subcommittee to inform work on the Program Review Policy

GE Discussion

Continued discussion at the GE subcommittee

These discussions will be on-going and will inform the GE program review next year.

Film of the 5 Minute Inspirations of teaching techniques

Not everyone did it in 5 minutes. Still very interesting.

If you attended the Retreat, we appreciate your evaluation.



Resources from the Faculty Retreat -

Developing the Whole Professional in the 21st Century

held January 9, 2014 in the Library Instruction Center

Media shown

Know Your Millennials

Link from the video - Quiz - How Millennial are you?

Other resources at video end

Faculty member who made Know Your Millennials

Rethinking Learning: the 21st Century Learner (excert from PBS Frontline report)

Full espisode of the above 4 minute clip - 54 minutes

Chair Purser introducing the videos and beginning the Retreat

Resources from Sessions:

Large Classroom Strategies

Resources for Large Classroom Strategies - a brainstorming site where you can share and learn. This session was facilitated by Ann Steckel, Director of Educational Design and Curricular Innovation.

Using Existing Technologies to Engage Students

This presentation by Sandy Ayala from the School of Education is in two formats - powerpoint and keynote. There are links embedded in these presentations to the resources she talked about.

Powerpoint Version

Keynote Version

Dr. Sandy Ayala's workshop on this topic was well attended.


All About Grants and Contracts

Flow Chart of Grant process on campus presented by Matt Benny, AVP of Academic Programs

Grant Process flow chart

IRB flow chart

NEH Grant Application Workshop - to be held at San Marcos

Activities that were on-going during the Retreat

Social Media in the Classroom and elsewhere

New social media site at SSU

Social Media Clinic!

Faculty learning about Social Media

Check out the Twitter feed of the Retreat on the Senate website. The hashtag was #SSUFacRT2014.

Pedagogy Related Twitter Links

The Complete Guide to Twitter Hashtags for Education

60 Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom by Category

Twitter is My Teacher Superpower: 5 Steps to Make It Yours

How (and Why) Teachers Should have Mulitple Twitter Accounts

Weekly Twitter Chats (and Times) for Educators

Twitter Rubric - University of Wisconsin

An Educator's Guide to Twitter

100 Twitter Tips for Teachers

How to Cite Twitter Posts in APA Style

Using Twitter to Support Learning

Twijector - A Real Time Twitter Wall for Classrooms

Visible Tweets - Twitter Visualizations

Inspired Networking

Drs Kornfeld, Jolly and Smith having an engaged conversation in the Inspired Networking area

Here are the directions given for this activity:

How Do I Participate?

  • State a need: “I want to learn how to play the tuba. Anyone up for teaching me?”
  • Be an intermediary: “I know someone who teaches tuba lessons.”
  • Give help: “I teach tuba, anyone want some free lessons?”
  • Find collaborators: “Anyone want to form a tuba quartet?”
  • Use the post-it notes provided.
  • Include your contact information on your post-it!
  • Leave the post-its in place. Here are ways you can capture information:
  • Take a picture with your phone.
  • Write down the contact info on the sheet provided in your binder.
  • Email yourself and/or colleagues.
  • All information gathered here will be collected & made available after the Retreat for all participants.
  • Have fun!

Here are the posts for " I need" and "I'm looking for someone who does. . ." The password is FacRetreat2014.This can be added to or you can just browse.

Here are the posts for - " I can bring this to the table" and I want to know more about" - same password. This can be added to or you can just browse.

Do you have other ideas for workshops in the Spring? This question was asked on a white board and we received these answers:

Here is what it says:

  • I would like to have a workshop on networking/connecting with other SSU faculty in addition to the Faculty Writing Program. This idea had two Seconds!
  • More extended workshop on using social media in the classroom and faculty research with Sandy Ayala.
  • Focus on all programs/departments doing collaborative community-based service(s). or/and represented on campus. How to collaborate n/classes.
  • Using Wikipedia in assignments (creating/modifying).
  • Deliberate and effective ways to collaborate with the Green Music Center 1) across all disciplines and 2) Area schools in terms of academic preparation and relevance for incoming generations of students.
  • More student centered events - with students present/panels.
  • Privacy protection vis-a-vis online activities.

Some ideas posted here were not ideas for workshops. If this site provokes ideas for workshops in the Spring for you, email the Chair or the Senate office.

Other Resources and information provided at the Retreat

Faculty Idea eXchange - The place to get your FIX! Join fellow faculty members for an enthusiastic idea exchange during a working lunch in the open space area of the SSU Faculty Center. Lunch is provided on a first come, first served basis. Please bring your own drinks.

Conversations will be held from 11:30 - 1:00pm. At times there will be Ed Tech topics, however, participants are free to suggest topics in this open forum as we discuss the pedagogy of teaching and learning. 

Dates: 1/22; 2/5; 2/19; 3/6; 3/26; 4/9; 4/23

The Faculty Idea Exchange is sponsored by the CSU Chancellor's Office and the SSU School of Education. For more information contact Ann Steckel, Director of Educational Design and Curricular Innovation at

Faculty Center website is up and running!