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Site Index - A
Office Phone Location
Academic Advising 664-2730 Salz-1070
Academic Affairs 664-2192 Stev-1041
Academic Calendar
Academic Departments and Programs
Academic Planning Database - ATDB 664-2102 Stev-1050
Academic Programs 664-2192 Stev-1041
Academic Scheduling 664-2844 Stev-1024C
Academic Talent Search Mendocino 664-4315 Bldg-49
Academic Talent Search Sonoma 664-2359 Bldg-49
Academic Senate 664-2801 Stev-1027
Accessible Technology Initiative    
Accounts Payable - Financial Services 664-3833 Salz-2050B
Accounts Receivable - Financial Services 664-2275 Salz-2050B
Acquisitions Department - Library Technical Services 664-2460 Schlz-2036
Activities, Student - Center for Student Leadership, Involvement and Service 664-4323 SC
Administration and Finance (Vice President's Office) 664-2035 Salz -Front Desk
Administration, University
Admissions, Office of 664-2778 Salz-2030
Tours 664-3029 Salz-1010
Advising Center 664-2730 Salz-1070
Affirmative Action Office (see Employee Relations and Compliance - Diversity and Non-Discrimination) 664-2664 Salz-2nd Floor
Alumni Association 664-2426 Stev-1071
American Language Institute (SSALI) 664-2742 Stev-1038
American Multicultural Studies (AMCS) 664-2486 Nich-214
Analytical Studies and Planning (Office of Institutional Research) 664-2790 Stev-1041
Anthropology Department 664-2312 Stev-2054
Anthropological Studies Center 664-2381 Corp-29
Art and Art History Department 664-2364 Art-128
Art Gallery 664-2295 Art-101
Arts and Humanities, School of 664-2146 Nich-380
Associated Students 664-2815 SC-2045
Associated Students Productions (ASP) 664-2753 SC
JUMP 664-4277 SC-2059
Astronomy, Department of Physics and 664-2119 Dar-300
At A Glance
Athletics 664-2521 FH
Athletics Box Office 664-4246 SC