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Site Index - F
Office Phone Location
Early Childhood Education - School of Education 664-3238 Stev-1078
Economics Department - School of Business and Economics 664-2366 Stev-2042
Facilities Management 664-2317 Facl
Engineering 664-2136 BP
Housekeeping Services 664-2317 Facl
Landscaping 664-2103 Facl
Housing Operations 664-2317 Facl
Capital Planning, Design and Construction (CPDC) 664-2317 Facl
Faculty Affairs 664-2192 Stev-1041
Faculty Center 664-2659 Schlz-1112
Faculty Evaluated Prior Learning Program (FEPL) 664-2273 Cars-38
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Faculty Home Pages    
Fairfield Osborn Preserve 795-5069 Off Campus
Family Weekend 664-2838 IH-205
Fee Waiver 664-2793 Salz-2078
Fees, Schedule of    
Film Studies Minor 664-2486  
Financial Aid Office 664-2389 Salz-1000
Financial Services 664-2141 Salz-2050B
Accounts Payable 664-2451 Salz-2050B
Accounts Receivable/Cashiering 664-2275 Salz-2050B
Budget 664-2837 Salz-2050B
Cashiering 664-2332 Salz-1019
CMS Help Desk 664-2751 Salz-2078H
Controller, University 664-2836 Salz-2050B
Fixed Assets/Property Management 664-2768 Salz-2050B
General Accounting
Auxiliaries 664-2519 Salz-2050B
Grants and Contracts 664-2495 Salz-2073
University 664-2603 Salz-2050B
Purchasing/Contracting 664-2421 Salz-2051
Fire-Non Emergency - Police and Parking Services 664-2143 Snma
Food Services (see Dining Services)
Foreign Language - Modern Languages Department 664-2351 Stev-3016
Language & Culture Learning Center 664-2379 Stev-1028
Forms, University Administrative    
Foster Youth - Seawolf Scholars 664-3504 Salz-1060
Free Community Clinic, M.A. Counseling Department 664-4215 Salz-1001
French 664-2351 Stev-3016