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Site Index - I
Office Phone Location
Identity Toolkit    
Immunization Requirements - See also Student Health Center 664-2921 Hlth
Information Booth - Police and Parking Services 664-2905 North, South
Information Center, Northwest 664-3536 Off Campus
Information Operator 664-2880 Salz-2nd Floor
Information Technology 664-4357 Schlz-1000
Common Management Systems   Schlz-1125
Faculty Center 664-2659 Schlz-1112
Help Desk 664-4357 Schlz-1000
IT News    
Lab Info and Schedules (for Students)    
Lab & Tech Classroom Info (for Faculty)    
Equipment Delivery and Checkout 664-4357 Schlz-1000
Web Office 664-2339 Schlz-2022
Institute for Community Planning Assistance 664-4105 Cars-20A
Institutional Research - see Reporting & Analytics 664-3350 Stev-1024
Institutional Review Board (IRB) 664-2448 Schlz-1105
Instructionally Related Activities (IRA) 664-2192 Stev-1041
Interactive Mathematics Program 664-4189 Dar-126
Interdisciplinary Studies (ITDS) 664-3918 PE-25
Internal Audit Services 664-3087 Salz-2056
International Services - See Center for International Education 664-2582 IH-107
Internship Office 664-2196 Salz-1070