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Office Phone Location
Native American Studies 664-2458 Nich-214
New Student Orientation & Family Programs 664-4464 Salz-1010E
University Affairs Office 664-2158 Stev-1064
Governmental Affairs 664-2732 Stev-1062
Media Relations 664-2057 Stev-1066
NewsCenter 664-2122 Stev-1066
Publications 664-4310 Stev-1062
Newspaper - STAR 664-2713 Nich-320
Business and Advertising 664-2714
NoGAP/McNair Scholars 664-2264 Salz-1040B
North Bay International Studies Project 664-2409 Cars-10A
North Bay Regional & Special Collections 664-2510 Schlz-3025B
North Bay Science Project 664-2157 Schlz-300
Northwest Information Center 588-8455 Off Campus
Notary Public - Seawolf Service Center 664-2308 Salz-1000
Nursing Department 664-2465 Nich-256