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Site Index - P
Office Phone Location
Pan Pacific Exchange, Center for 664-3164 Stev-2054D
Parent and Family Programs - See Orientation 664-4464 Salz-1010
Parent Payment Login- Seawolf Online Payments Login (for Parents and other Guests) 664-2308 Salz-1010
Student Instructions for setting up a Guest/Parent Payment Account 664-2308 Salz-1010
Parking Decal Sales - Seawolf Service Center 664-2308 Salz-1000
Parking Services - Police and Parking Services 664-2143 Snma
Information Booths 664-2905 North, South
Payroll and Benefits 664-2793 Salz-2078
Performing Arts - See Theatre Arts & Dance and Music    
Philosophy Department 664-2163 Nich-362
Phone Directory - Faculty and Staff Telephone & Email Directory    
Physics and Astronomy Department 664-2119 Dar-125
Observatory - Public Viewing Nights    
Physics Stockroom 664-2330 Dar-332
What Physicists Do - Lecture Series   Dar-108
Planning, Campus - CPDC 664-2337 Facl
Police and Parking Services 664-2143 Snma
Emergency Only 911 Snma
Non-Emergency 664-2143 Snma
Emergency Preparedness 664-2143 Snma
Crime Statistics - Jeanne Clery Act    
Parking Services 664-2143 Snma
Policies, University 664-2158 Stev-1062
Political Science Department 664-2179 Stev-2070
Pre-College Programs - Trio Programs 664-2428 Bldg-49
Preserves - see Center for Enironmental Inquiry 664-3416 Dar-100A
Preservice-Inservice Training Alliance (PITA) Program 664-4428 Stev-1078
President's Office 664-2156 Stev-1062
Request a Meeting with the President    
Event Attendance/Speech Request    
Project Censored 664-2500 Cars-66
Project Scholars 664-4205 Bldg-49
Property Management/Fixed Assets - Financial Services 664-2768 Salz-2050B
Provost/Vice President Academic Affairs 664-2192 Stev-1041
Psychological Services 664-2153 Stev-1088
Psychology Department 664-2411 Stev-3092
Graduate Studies 664-2682 Stev-3092
Psychology Lab 664-2728 Stev-3050
Pub - Dining Services 664-4027 SU
Public Administration Program (Master's) 664-2179 Stev-2070
Public Information/Police Anonymous Tip Line 664-2910 Snma
Public Relations 664-2122 Stev-1062
Publications 664-4310 Stev-1062
Purchasing/Contracting - Financial Services 664-2191 Salz-2051