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Site Index - S
Office Phone Location
Scene Shop 664-2473 Pers
Schedule of Classes, Dates & PDFs    
Schedule of Classes, Searchable - Online Services    
Scheduling Office - Academic Scheduling/Classroom Usage 664-3212 Stev-1024
Scholarship Office 664-2261 Stev-1050
School of Arts and Humanities 664-2146 Nich-380
Hutchins School of Liberal Studies 664-2491 Cars-44
School of Business and Economics 664-2377 Stev-2042
School of Education 664-3115 Stev-1078
School of Extended & International Education 664-2394 Stev-1012
School of Science and Technology 664-2171 Dar-115
School of Social Sciences 664-2112 Stev-2078
Science and Technology, School of 664-2171 Dar-115
Seawolf Card 664-2533 Salz-1000
Seawolf Scholars Foster Youth Program 664-3504 Salz-1060
Seawolf Service Center 664-2308 Salz-1000
Facilities Maintenance Requests 664-4021 Salz-1000
Seawolf Online Payments Login (for Parents and other Guests) 664-2308 Salz-1000
Service Desk, Zinfandel 664-2530 Zinf
Service-Learning (Community Based Learning Programs) - Center for Community Engagement 664-3202 Schlz- 1102
Sexual Assault - Student Health Center 664-2921 Hlth
Shipping/Receiving - General Services 664-2362 Facl
Single Subject Credential - School of Education 664-4203 Stev-1078
Slide Library 664-2145 Art-107
SOURCE - Office of Undergraduate Research 664-2264 Schlz-1125
Soccer - Men's 664-2614 FH-121
Soccer - Women's 664-2481 FH-104
Social Sciences, School of 664-2112 Stev-2078
Social Science Waiver Program   Stev-2087
Sociology Department 664-2561 Stev-2084
Softball 664-4054 FH-125
Sonoma Bach Society (877) 914-BACH  
Sonoma Film Institute 664-2606 Ives-211A
Sonoma State American Language Institute (SSALI) 664-2742 IH-107
Sonoma State Cellars 664-3347 Stev-2023
Sonoma State Enterprises, Inc
Chief Operating Officer 664-2769 Salz-2059
Special Education - School of Education 664-4203 Stev-1078
Special Major 664-2762 Ives-22
Sports Information 664-2358 PE-14
Staff Directory - Faculty and Staff Telephone & Email Directory    
STAR Student Newspaper 664-2776 Salz-1053
Faculty Advisor 664-2746 Nich-323
Student Affairs 664-2838 SC-3020
Student Center
Student Conduct Administrator 664-2838 SC-3020
Associated Students 664-2815 SC
The HUB 664-2710 SC-2020
Student Clubs and Organizations    
Student Employment 664-3278 Salz-2078
Student Employment Opportunities 664-2196 Salz-1070
Student Health Center 664-2921 Hlth
Student Housing - Housing Services 664-2541 Zinf
Student Outreach at Sonoma 664-3029 Stev-1010
Student Teacher Placement   Stev-3023
Study Abroad 664-2582 Salz-1071
Summer Bridge Program 664-2427 Salz-1070
Summer Session - Extended Education 664-2394 Stev-1012
Super Kids Camp 664-3429 Rec
Swimming Pool - Deck Office Phone 664-2688 PE-Pool
Central Issue Room 664-2105 PE-Pool