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Site Index - U
Office Phone Location
Ukiah Resident Program in Liberal Studies 664-2029 Nich-220
University Business Services
Financial Aid Office 664-2389 Salz-1000
Seawolf Service Center 664-2308 Salz-1000
Upward Bound Program - Trio Programs 664-2428 Bldg-49
United for Success (formerly Learning Skills Services) 664-2853 Salz-1041
University Administration
University Affairs 664-2158 Stev-1062
Creative Services 664-4310 Stev-1062
Governmental Affairs 664-2158 Stev-1062
Media Relations 664-2057 Stev-1066
NewsCenter 664-2122 Stev-1066
Public Relations 664-2122 Stev-1062
University Box Office 664-4246 SC
University Library   Schlz
Library Hours 664-2595 Schlz
Catalog/Processing Department 664-2316 Schlz-2033
Circulation/Reserve Materials/General Information 664-2375 Schlz-2001
Collection Development/Gifts 664-3912
Director of Operations 664-4153 Schlz-3070
Interlibrary Loan 664-2866 Schlz-2051
Library Dean 664-2397 Schlz-3067
Reference Librarians 664-2161 Schlz-2050
Special Collections 664-4152 Schlz-3030
Library Technology Services 664-2986 Schlz-2029
University Support & Preparation Services - Trio Programs 664-2428 Bldg-49