Response: 1.8

Sonoma State University has written and implemented appropriate campus-based policies that exist to insure consistency and integrity in university operations. In addition, the University adheres to the State University Administrative Manual, California State Administrative Manual, CSU Auxiliary Guidelines and CSU Executive Orders issued by the CSU System further documenting sound business practices. The University regularly evaluates its performance in these areas in the following ways:

1. Annual financial audits by external auditors
Campus financial audits
Auxiliary financial audits

2. Individual subject audits conducted by internal auditor.

3. Bi-Annual audits by the Office of the Chancellor in accordance with the Financial Integrity and State Manager's Accountability Act of 1983 (FISMA)

4. Tri-Annual audits of University auxiliary operations

5. Sonoma State University also responds to complaints and grievances in a timely fashion in accordance with campus policy and CSU collective bargaining agreements.
Campus policy on discrimination
Student grievance policy
Collective bargaining agreements
Police response/Parking grievance
Grade appeals

a. Informal complaints about particular administrative departments are handled in an informal fashion by the person with the concern within the unit itself.

6. Sonoma State University is constantly evaluating itself via internal assessments.
Administration and Finance assessment page:

SSU Campus Policies
State University Administrative Manual
California State Administrative Manual
Compilation of Policies and Procedures for CSU Auxiliary Organizations
CSU Executive Orders
SSU External Financial Audit
Internal CSU Audits by Subject
CSU Audits of SSU Auxiliaries
Historical CSU Internal Audits
Campus Discrimination Policy
SSU Student Grievance Policy
Policy Regarding Collective Bargaining Agreements
SSU Police Services Web Site
SSU Parking Policy
Information On California Whistleblower Policy
SSU Grade Appeals Policy
Administration and Finance Division Assessment