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Financial Aid

Financial aid and student account services are provided to students through University Business Services, which consists of the Senior Director of University Business Services, the Director of Financial Aid, 13 full-time, professional Financial Aid Office staff, and 9 full-time Customer Services staff. Emphasis on accessibility to students is demonstrated by the availability of both student-specific information on demand and assistance from experienced staff throughout the calendar year during day and evening hours. Students can access their individual student account and financial aid information through a secure internet portal or email our staff 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Customer Services staff and Financial Aid Office staff are available to students in person and by phone Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, year-round, with extended evening hours when classes are in session. In addition to accessibility of information, financial aid disbursements and the processing of financial transactions are timely and efficient, as evidenced by accounting records as well as the lack of student/parent complaints. To provide flexibility as students’ financial circumstances change, students may begin the financial aid application process at any time during the academic year, and disbursements are scheduled twice weekly for most weeks during the award period.

Information Technology

SSU/IT provides six computer labs and a great deal of software, configured for faculty-specific presentations, and then available after class so students can have access to the software and data.

In addition, many departments operate computer labs that are customized to the unique computing needs of their department.

SSU/IT provides WebCT for each course. This enables students to receive class materials online and submit projects online. Faculty can develop materials online.