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Human Services

Our institution employs personnel sufficient in numbers and professional qualifications to maintain its operations and to support its academic programs, consistent with its institution and educational objectives. We do this by conducting all personnel actions including hiring and promotions in accordance with all applicable laws, collective bargaining unit agreements, and using campus guidelines which are found at In addition, all search committee chairs are given an individual orientation and provided with a recruiting manual which provides specific instructions on how to define professional qualifications, determine if an applicant possesses these qualifications and how to conduct a fair and successful recruitment.

While there is no data that specifically defines the exact number of personnel needed to operate an institution, we have quantifiable data that regularly confirms that our staff perform all of the tasks needed to satisfy criteria established by internal and external auditors. We participate in many audits and assessments per year and consistently receive findings that indicate that we meet criteria or that our programs have “no material weaknesses.”

Audits conducted by the California State University (CSU) can be found at . In past years, CSU audits have been conducted in the following program areas: Auxiliary Organizations, Continuing Education, Delegation of Authority, Development, Disability Support and Accommodations, FISMA, Housing and Residential Services, Risk Management and Insurance, Student Activities, and Student Health Center.