Selection Process for External Reviewer

Department faculty members select 3-5 potential candidates for the external review.

  1. Department is responsible for contacting potential external reviewers to solicit interest (preferably 3-5 candidates).
  2. If the department needs help in recruiting reviewers, Academic Programs can send out a request to the system wide Academic Programs list serve.
  3. Interested candidates submit their CVs and a cover letter or email indicating their interest to the Department.
  4. The Department Chair provides the School Dean with a final recommendation.
  5. Dean approves the choice for external review.
  6. Department notifies Academic Programs of their choice, providing contact information, CV, and dates of the program review.
  7. Academic Programs invites the external reviewer for the dates specified.
  8. From this point on, the Department works directly with the external reviewer, setting up the itinerary, agenda, etc.
  9. The external reviewer is responsible for making his/her own travel and lodging arrangements. (We generally recommend flying to Oakland or San Francisco and taking the Airport Express to the Doubletree.) We also have limited daily flights from LA, San Diego, Portland and Seattle into Santa Rosa. We also provide web links to driving directions to SSU.
  10. Department sends draft of the self-study to the external reviewer at least two weeks before the scheduled visit.
  11. The agenda for the visit is arranged by consultation between the department and external reviewer. Typical agendas include:
    • Opening meeting with the School Dean.
    • Meeting with department faculty (fulltime and lecturers as appropriate).
    • Meeting with other stakeholders: faculty from other departments if relevant, community partners, business partners, etc.
    • Meeting with students (can be a lunch meeting).
    • Tour of campus facilities relevant to the review (classrooms, laboratories, performance venues, etc.).
    • Exit interview with the Provost. (Please consult in advance with the Provost’s assistant to schedule the meeting.)
    • Meeting with Employee Services for new employee signup (30 minutes).
    • Meeting with Academic Programs (Karen Moranski) to complete paperwork for payment (prepared by the office of Academic Programs).
    • Exit meeting with the faculty (sometimes over dinner).
  12. External reviewer sends the report to the department and to Academic Programs within 2-3 weeks of the visit. Payment of $1500 is processed and sent to the external reviewer. (Recommended: upon receipt of the report, department should advise Academic Programs that the report has been received.)