The University Program Review Subcommittee

The University Program Review Subcommittee, a subcommittee of the Educational Policies Committee, is charged with reviewing all program reviews. For the complete charge and current membership, see

Points to Guide Discussions between Programs and the UPRS


  • What are the primary things your program learned from the process of doing the study?
  • What did you find useful in the process?
  • Additionally, the committee would like your take on:
    • Input from your Dean
    • Program's response to external review

Action Plan

  • Tell us about your action plan, especially the following:
    • Things the department can do to effect change given current resources
    • What are your future goals and what resources do you need to fulfill those goals?
  • Please share your program learning outcomes and their assessment strategies. How might you use these results in program improvement?
  • What kinds of assistance would be helpful in assessing learning outcomes?

How our committee can support you

  • We will be reporting to EPC at the end of the year. What are the tope 3 things you would like us to highlight for EPC?