General Timetable for the Self-Study

Fall Semester:

  • Review the previous program review, paying particular attention to the goals/action plan as a starting point. Have goals been achieved? Has the action plan been implemented? What parts of the plan remain to be implemented?
  • Review student learning outcomes and assessment data. What data is still needed to complete the self-study?
  • Consult with your department faculty to clarify the goals of the program review self-study.
  • Meet with the School Dean to receive input regarding School goals/outcomes.
  • Identify Institutional Research data that is needed. Contact IR with request.
  • Use the program review self-study to address concerns and issues that your program and your school have identified as needing attention.
  • Begin selection process of external reviewer (see

Late Fall Semester into Early Spring Semester:

  • Conduct any additional assessments/surveys/focus groups, etc. necessary for the self-study.
  • Select external reviewer and establish dates for the visit. Elaine Sundberg can assist in this process.
  • Write the draft of the program review self-study, following the template in the policy. (It is NOT necessary to go in depth on each item on the template; this self-study should focus on the department/school’s goals for the self-study.) However, the assessment of student learning and program revisions as a result of assessment are fundamental to the self-study process.

Spring Semester and Summer:

  • Finalize the draft of the program review with department faculty input.
  • Send the self-study to the External Reviewer two weeks prior to visit.
  • Develop external review itinerary and host the visit.
  • Receive external review (2-3 weeks after the visit) and incorporate as necessary any adjustments to the self-study.
  • ┬áComplete the self-study by the end of Spring semester or in the Summer.

Fall Semester (of the following year:

  • Program review to be reviewed by School Curriculum Committee and Dean.
  • Receive curriculum committee and Dean responses and incorporate into the self-study.
  • Schedule review with the University Program Review Subcommittee (UPRS) and Graduate Studies Subcommittee (GSS) for graduate programs.

Cost of Self-Study:

  • School Dean provides compensation to the faculty member assigned as the primary researcher/writer of the self-study. (Generally, it is either a stipend of $5000 or a one-course release.)
  • Academic Affairs pays the $1500 stipend to your external reviewer. (This is inclusive of travel and per diem costs.)