General Timetable for the Self-Study

Fall Semester:

  • Review the previous program review, paying particular attention to the goals/action plan as a starting point. Have goals been achieved? Has the action plan been implemented? What parts of the plan remain to be implemented?
  • Review student learning outcomes and assessment data. What data is still needed to complete the self-study?
  • Consult with your department faculty to clarify the goals of the program review self-study.
  • Meet with the School Dean to receive input regarding School goals/outcomes.
  • Identify Institutional Research data that is needed. Contact IR with request.
  • Use the program review self-study to address concerns and issues that your program and your school have identified as needing attention.
  • Begin selection process of external reviewer (see

Late Fall Semester into Early Spring Semester:

  • Conduct any additional assessments/surveys/focus groups, etc. necessary for the self-study.
  • Select external reviewer and establish dates for the visit. Elaine Sundberg can assist in this process.
  • Write the draft of the program review self-study, following the template in the policy. (It is NOT necessary to go in depth on each item on the template; this self-study should focus on the department/school’s goals for the self-study.) However, the assessment of student learning and program revisions as a result of assessment are fundamental to the self-study process.

Spring Semester and Summer:

  • Finalize the draft of the program review with department faculty input.
  • Send the self-study to the External Reviewer two weeks prior to visit.
  • Develop external review itinerary and host the visit.
  • Receive external review (2-3 weeks after the visit) and incorporate as necessary any adjustments to the self-study.
  • ┬áComplete the self-study by the end of Spring semester or in the Summer.

Fall Semester (of the following year:

  • Program review to be reviewed by School Curriculum Committee and Dean.
  • Receive curriculum committee and Dean responses and incorporate into the self-study.
  • Schedule review with the University Program Review Subcommittee (UPRS) and Graduate Studies Subcommittee (GSS) for graduate programs.

Cost of Self-Study:

  • School Dean provides compensation to the faculty member assigned as the primary researcher/writer of the self-study. (Generally, it is either a stipend of $5000 or a one-course release.)
  • Academic Affairs pays the $1500 stipend to your external reviewer. (This is inclusive of travel and per diem costs.)

Program Review Routing

Undergraduate and Graduate program reviews follow slightly different routes. Please consult this flowchart:

Program Review Routing