Karen Moranski, Academic Programs
Oversees all curricular offerings, WASC liaison
David Hartranft, Academic Programs
Tracks curricular changes, supports Graduate Studies
Dennis Goss, Scheduling
University Scheduler
Katie Musick, Academic Programs
Catalog, ARR, signing process
Laurel Holmstrom-Keyes, Academic Senate
Curricular forms, signing process, approval through faculty governance
Chair of Educational Policies Committee (EPC)
Chair of EPC
Chair of General Educational Subcommittee (GE)
Chair of GE
Chair of Graduate Studies Subcommittee
Chair of Grad Studies
School Curriculum Committee Chairs AY 2017 - 2018
Arts and Humanities - Christine Renaudin, Modern Langauges
Business and Economics - Doug Jordan and Michael Visser
Education - Karen Grady
Science and Technology - Tom Targett, Physics and Astronomy
Social Science - Jeff Baldwin, GEP
Extended and International Education, Kim Hester Williams, English