Curriculum Forms and Routing

Send all course and program proposals to to begin the routing process. Signatures will be collected at each step of review. Follow the posted submission deadlines. If you have any technical questions, contact the Katie Musick in Academic Programs. Please build in 7 work days for the review of your submission for completeness.

Curriculum Revisions In-Progress

Program Curriculum Revisions

New Programs

Discontinuing Programs

Master Catalog Course Change Forms (MCCCF)

General Education Courses

School Curriculum Committee Chairs 2018-2019

Christine Renaudin, Arts & Humanities
Doug Jordan and Mike Visser, Business & Economics
Karen Grady, School of Education
Tom Targett, School of Science and Technology
Jeff Baldwin, Social Sciences
Kim Hester-Wiliams, SEIE Curriculum Committee
Nathan Rank, University Studies Curriculum Committee

General Education Subcommittee Chair 2018-2019

Heather Smith

Graduate Studies Subcommittee Chair 2018-2019

Laurel Mccabe

Educational Policy Committee Chair 2018-2019

Jenn Lillig