Post Bac Programs

Revision to Graduate programs follow the process of Revision to a Degree Program. The definition of graduate courses can be found on the defintions page.

Checklist for Graduate Program revision

  • School and Department identified.
  • Contact person identified.
  • School Curriculum Committee approval noted.
  • Obtain approval from Graduate Studies committee and signature of Chair.
  • Provide basic detail about program change and clearly indicate date of proposed implementation.
  • Provide a document showing side by side changes in the program. See examples below.
  • Provide a rationale for the change(s).
  • If another School is affected by this change, include a letter of acknowledgment.
  • Clearly indicate if any resource changes are required or how resources are being deployed differently due to the change.
  • Discuss the learning outcomes met by the revision.
  • Discuss how the revision will be assessed.
  • Include a new course form for any new courses and include syllabi.


Approval routing

Proposals for changes in existing programs degree programs will be reviewed by the School Curriculum Committee, the School Dean, the Academic Programs office, Graduate Studies, EPC, the Senate, the Provost and the President.

Proposals resulting in a change in the number of units required for a degree program must be reported to the Chancellor's Office.