New Minors, Concentrations, or Special Emphases



A minor represents an optional, secondary field of study for a degree-seeking student. No student may declare a major and a minor in the same discipline. A minor is a structured plan of study requiring a minimum of 15 units and no more than 20 units exclusive of student teaching. The minor appears on the student’s transcript.


A concentration is a structured plan of study within a major. The number of units for concentrations varies, but is included within the units for the major. The concentration appears on the student’s transcript.

Tracks, emphasis, etc.

Track, emphasis and similar terms are advising tools to help students focus their studies within a major. These do not appear on the student’s transcripts. It is recommended that departments use the terms minor, required concentration, optiional concentration or emphasis only.

CSU Policy

Please review the CSU's policy for adding minors, concentrations and special emphases (pdf)

SSU Process

Propose new minors or concentrations on the form for new minors, concentrations and emphasis.