Course Numbering

90-99               Non-baccalaureate level
100-299           Lower-division courses
300-499           Upper-division courses
500-599           Graduate level courses


CS Codes

Student course credit over a semester is based on an assumption of 3 hours of effort per week per credit unit.

Rules of thumb:

Traditional lecture and seminar classes generate one unit per one hour of classroom time per week; assumes two hours out of class.

More “active learning” modes require more contact per unit of degree credit.


C-1 is large lecture with 1 contact hour

C-4 is Discussion with 1 contact hour

C-5 is Seminar with 1 contact hour

C-13 is Various Activities, labs with 2 contact hours

C-16 is Science Labe with 3 contact hours

Classifying Courses: the details

Assigning C values based on class approach and subject

Guidelines around typical class sizes

–Large lectures (C1) up to room limits
–Lecture/discussion (C2) nominally 40
–Discussion (C4) nominally 25
–Etc. Class may combine two components (e.g. C1 + C16 for a lecture/lab combo)

Powerpoint from Chancellor's office about CS Codes