Chemistry & Biochemistry Freshman Learning Community

This learning community is designed for chemistry and biochemistry majors but is appropriate for students interested in math, science, pre-med and pre-pharm. Students in this learning community will work closely with tenure and tenure track faculty in the Department of Chemistry. The Department of Chemistry is a high energy, supportive and rigorous learning environment. This learning community will help students create a solid educational foundation to help them transition into scholars while having fun and creating a life long support system. The program is a combination of curriculum and transition elements in math, science, logical and critical thinking skills. Transition elements include learning about university resources, science clubs, research opportunities, advising and good study habits.

Students in this learning community will be co-enrolled in Quantitative General Chemistry, Thinking Like a Scientist (critical thinking and logic), Math and an interest course. These classes will be small and taught by tenure and tenure track faculty.

How do I know if the Chemistry & Biochemistry FLC is right for me?

  1. If you are a chemistry or biochemistry major (or seriously considering switching to either of these majors);
  2. If you are GE math ready

For more information on the Chemistry Department, please go to their website.