The CSU approved and articulated Hutchins School of Liberal Studies Lower Division General Education Program is a unique way to complete general education (GE) requirements. Students complete all lower division general education requirements (except mathematics) in four courses, one each semester through an interdisciplinary, theme-oriented focus. These twelve unit courses, The Human Enigma, In Search of Self, Exploring the Unknown, and Challenge and Response in the Modern World, cover important issues and areas of inquiry ranging from literature, arts and media, psychology, social and cultural history, the sciences, philosophy, anthropology and contemporary affairs.

Students learn through seminar format classes where 14-15 students meet with one professor and discuss the daily readings. Instructors are facilitators, rather than lecturers. Students learn through active participation in seminar discussions and activities rather than through lectures and tests. The Hutchins lower division curriculum emphasizes excellence in written and oral communication and does not use testing to assess students. Rather, it uses extensive reading and writing, creative and service projects, and regular tutorials. Students also meet together with other groups of students from the same cadre to enjoy field trips, films, guest speakers, African dance performances, video projects and more. In addition, Hutchins offers an optional accelerated Blended Program (Track 3) which allows first semester freshmen to complete both a BA in Liberal Studies and a Multiple Subjects Elementary Teaching Credential in four, rather than the typical five, years.

The Hutchins program recommends General Education level English readiness. Like all Academic FLCs, Hutchins is not tied to residential housing. Hutchins freshmen reside both off campus and in SSU residential housing. Hutchins students desiring SSU residential housing may elect to live in a themed community (Adventure Living, Academic Achievement, Expressive Arts, Global Engagement, Leadership & Service, or Wellness). Due to twelve units per semester Lower Division General Education Program structure, Hutchins students usually don’t elect to live in the optional residential academic communities (First-Gen, FYE, and ACE), as these residential communities require additional coursework already covered by the Hutchins GE program.

For more information on the Hutchins program, please go to the Hutchins webpage.

How do I know if the Hutchins FLC is right for me?

You must be interested in completing all of your freshman and sophomore General Education (except mathematics) through a four semester, seminar format, reading and writing intensive program with classes of 12-15 students. Priority given to Hutchins Liberal Studies majors, but students from other majors are welcome to apply. If you are not a declared Liberal Studies major please contact the Hutchins office 707-664-2492 for more information. After completing lower division GE in Hutchins, students may choose to stay in Hutchins or continue on to another major of their choosing, usually in the Arts and Humanities or Social Sciences. It’s recommended to be ready for GE level English. Hutchins lower division courses meet Monday & Wednesday 9-12:00 and most Fridays 9-12:00 and 1-4:00. Students are limited to six absences. Student athletes should consult with their coach to determine if there are schedule conflicts.