Which Academic Community is right for me?

How are ACE, FYE and FIRST-GEN similar?

All three programs:

  • Provide assistance for students to take an active role in their successful academic and personal transition to college
  • Increase retention from freshmen to sophomore year
  • Increase student and faculty interaction outside the classroom
  • Situate students within a small academic learning community
  • Assistance in creating study groups in the residential community
  • Require a year-long commitment
  • Have an advanced student leader who assists in connecting the students' classroom and residential experiences
  • Create opportunities that foster residential, learning-based peer network

How are ACE, FYE and FIRST-GEN different?

Each ACE cohort takes 3-7 units together during the fall semester and 3-7 units together in the spring, with the same small group of 25 students. The number of units varies amongst ACE cohorts; UNIV 150 consists of two courses, UNIV 150A (5 units, fall) and UNIV 150B (5 units, spring): all 170 students meet once per week to listen to a one-hour lecture by an expert in a particular academic discipline, and plus four hours per week in their small 17-student seminar groups. FIRST-GEN students take 6 units together first semester and 4 units together second semester.
ACE cohorts are created based on academic major and/or interest; UNIV 150 emphasizes a multidisciplinary approach FIRST-GEN focuses on providing support to students who are the first to attend college in their family.
ACE students begin career exploration to determine if a major is right for them UNIV 150 provides a broad introduction to GE and a variety of academic disciplines FIRST-GEN students learn how to maximize success at SSU and understand issues of diversity and social justice.
ACE requires students to complete a civic engagement project relevant to their academic field UNIV 150 requires students to complete a multimedia project related to a social or political issue FIRST-GEN students are required to complete a service project relevant to the theme of the community
Depending on ACE, may satisfy GE areas A3/C3/E, major requirements as well as elective credit requirements for a total of 6-14 units for the academic year FYE (UNIV 150) fulfills GE areas and A3 and C3 and elective credit requirements for a total of nine units for the academic year FIRST-GEN fulfills GE areas A3/C3, ethnic studies requirement, and elective credits, for a total of 10 units for the academic year.
Only Science & Technology ACE and Business ACE may require GE math readiness FYE has no test score requirements FIRST-GEN has no test scores requirements
ACE students live in Zinfandel Village FYE students live in Sauvignon FIRST-GEN students live in Zinfandel Village. For more information on housing prices please go to the Housing web site.