First Time Freshmen Demographics

At Sonoma State University, First Time Freshmen are defined as those students who "[have] not previously enrolled in an institution of higher education, but who may have earned some college units prior to matriculation, such as students who entered with advanced standing, i.e.: college credits earned before graduation from high school." First Time Freshmen differ from general Freshmen in that First Time Freshmen have never been regular student of a university, while general Freshmen may have been enrolled in another institution where they earned up to 29 units of credit.

Analyzing any given cohort of First Time Freshmen allows the Office of Reporting and Analytics to get a clear idea of their backgrounds, academic progress, and retention. Included below are several key demographical areas this office looks at when examining our First Time Freshmen student population.

Please note that the data presented on this page refers to data collected in Fall 2017, which is the most recently admitted First Time Freshmen class.

First Time Freshman Gender and Ethnicity Data

This pie graph illustrates the number of male and female First Time Freshmen that were admitted in Fall 2017, and their personally declared ethnic background.

Geographic Distribution

This county map of the state of California illustrates where our First Time Freshmen students call home. To view student counts from any county, hover or click on any regional area. A double click zooms in on the location.

Average SAT/ACT Scores and High School GPAs

In these line graphs, five years of average First Time Freshmen scores on the SAT or ACT are plotted in order to show the changes in each cohort’s average test score or time. The average First Time Freshmen high school grade point average is plotted over time as well. To view the averages, hover over each data point on the graph.

Financial Aid Statistics

This graph depicts the number of First Time Freshmen that were recipients of financial aid in the Fall of 2017.