First Time Freshman California Geographic Breakdown

This map of California and its constituent counties illustrates the counties of origin of the First Time Freshmen class of Fall 2017. To view the number of students that come from each county, hover over any region on the map. A double click will zoom in on a location, and the size of the map can be modified by using the "zoom in" and "zoom out" buttons on the lower left side of the map. Also included on this page are data tables for First Time Freshmen that are residents of other states or countries.

Number of First Time Freshmen Students from Other States
Arizona 1
Colorado 3
Hawaii 3
Illinois 3
Massachusetts 1
Minnesota 1
Ohio 1
Oregon 1
Texas 1
Washington 1
Wyoming 1
Number of First Time Freshmen Students from Outside the United States
Mexico 1
Japan 1
Peoples' Republic of China 1
Singapore 2
Vietnam 1