Student Data

The Office of Reporting and Analytics at Sonoma State University manages and interprets a great deal of data pertaining to the university community, but the Office’s main efforts generally focus on student data. In this section of the website, statistics pertaining to SSU’s First Time Freshmen population and the university’s total student body are highlighted.

First Time Freshmen Demographics

Data relating to the cohort of First Time Freshmen that enter each fall establishes an excellent baseline for analysis. It not only tells Reporting and Analytics what the composition of the incoming Freshmen class is, but it also allows the university to look at long-term enrollment, academic performance, and retention rates as that cohort advances in their studies. Demographics presented in this section include:

  • First Time Freshman Gender and Ethnicity Data
  • First Time Freshmen Geographic Breakdown
  • Average SAT/ACT Scores and High School GPAs
  • Financial Aid Statistics

Total Student Body Statistics

Careful analysis of the university’s total student body also yields a tremendous amount of data, and is critical in studying enrollment trends, reviewing student growth and change, and helping academic departments plan classes. Statistics represented in this section include:

  • Admissions Data
  • Enrollment by Gender and Ethnicity
  • Total Student Body Geographic Breakdown
  • Retention and Graduation Statistics
  • Degrees Awarded