Student Body Admissions Data

The following pyramid charts depict the number of First Time Freshmen as well as new Transfer students that applied to Sonoma State University in the Fall of 2017, along with the total of those who were admitted and those who ultimately enrolled. Also included on this page is a basic admission profile for both the Freshmen and Transfer students of Fall 2017, indicating some general averages and percentages. This information is a general guide to SSU's admissions selectivity and is not a predictor of a student's chance for admission to SSU.

To view the number of students in any given category, please hover the different sections of the chart.

First Time Freshmen Admissions Profile
Applied to SSU: 15,711
Admitted: 12,888 82% admitted
Matriculated: 1,831 12% matriculated
Average high school GPA: 3.24
Average ACT composite: 21
Average SAT composite: 988
Average SAT verbal: 491
Average SAT mathematics: 506

99% of SSU's First Time Freshmen in Fall 2017 were California residents.

Transfer Student Admissions Profile
Applied to SSU: 4,597
Admitted: 1,673 36% admitted
Matriculated: 785 17% matriculated

99% of admitted transfer students were from California community colleges.