Total Student Body Statistics

While it is often necessary to analyze a particular population of students for specific data, it is also important to look at "the big picture" of the SSU student body. Examining our student population as a whole helps the Office of Reporting and Analytics understand current socioeconomic statuses, enrollment bottlenecks, graduation rates, and trends in academic courses of study.

Below, please find four popular areas of inquiry that Reporting and Analytics often refers to when analyzing the entirety of the SSU student population.

Admissions Data

In this graph, data from Sonoma State's Fall 2018 admissions period is presented. In these graphs, you can learn more about how many students applied to SSU, how many were admitted, and how many enrolled in each Academic School. To view the totals and percentages, hover over each data point on the graph. Additionally, admissions profiles for both Freshmen and Transfer students are presented in table format.

Enrollment by Gender and Ethnicity

This pie graph illustrates the total number of male and female students enrolled in Fall 2018, and their personally declared ethnic background. To view ethnicity data, please click on any section of the pie chart.

Total Student Body Geographic Distribution

This map of California shows the varying totals for the student body's counties of origin. To view student counts from any county, hover or click on any regional area. A double click zooms in on the location. Included on this page are totals for students that have come to SSU from outside of California, as well as from outside of the United States.

Retention and Graduation Statistics

On this page, graphs depicting Sonoma State's retention rate can be viewed, along with data pertaining to graduating cohorts (students who matriculate together in the same semester).

Degrees Awarded

This page contains graphs that illustrate the total number of degrees awarded by SSU’s Academic Schools and Majors as well as some links with historical information about degrees awarded.