Campus-Wide Online SETE Launches in Fall 2013

The Sonoma State University Academic Senate has collaborated with Faculty Affairs and I.T. Academic Technology group to implement online delivery ofthe Student Evaluations of Teaching Effectiveness (SETE) survey. The primary goals for moving from a paper-based to online system for administering course evaluations include:

  • rich and timely feedback on the student educational experience
  • accessibility for students with disabilities
  • parity for fully online classes
  • environmental sensitivity and cost effectiveness
  • improved efficiencies for faculty, students and staff


  • All classes (except Extended Education) will be evaluated with electronic SETE’s starting in Fall of 2013.
  • Classes will be evaluated during the last three weeks before final exams.
  • Students will receive emails with links to surveys for all their classes.
  • Personalized links to the surveys will also be posted the Moodle home page.
  • Faculty may choose to have students complete the evaluations using personal computing devices in class.
  • Faculty are strongly encouraged to email their students to remind them to complete the evaluations.
  • Academic Technology will be facilitating the technical and logistical implementation of this policy. If you have specific questions that are not included in the Frequently Asked Questions, please contact the SSU IT Help Desk at If you have functional or process questions, please contact