Frequently Asked Questions


How will faculty know the start and end dates of the online course evaluation period so that they can put this information on their syllabi?
Faculty will receive an email verfiying the open and close dates for online course evaluation periods.
What if an instructor leaves the course half-way through the semester and is replaced by a substitute? Who is evaluated?
The instructor of record at the census date will be the one who is evaluated. Departments should ensure the appropriate person is listed as the instructor of record by Census.
Can courses that do not conform to the standard calendar, such as clinical courses or those offered by the School of Education also be evaluated?
Courses that fall outside the regular university schedule can also be evaluated, as long as the existence of these courses is communicated to the online course evaluation administrator at with sufficient lead-time. Otherwise these courses will be evaluated within the regular semester timeline.


Who will receive the results first, the department chairs or the faculty members?
All evaluation reports will be released to faculty and department chairs at the same time, one week after the grades submission deadline.
Will departments be able to specify the file format in which we want the results delivered?
Currently, the software can provide a .pdf of the report and a .csv file of the raw data. Only PDF reports will be issued until the Academic Senate creates a policy on the raw data.
Will department chairs receive department aggregates and means?
Yes, faculty members and department chairs will receive mean scores in their reports.
Will departments be able to request specific aggregate reports, i.e., how did teachers who teach the same class, regardless of their rank/classification, score on that class?
We are investigating the software’s capability to perform this feature and will have a more detailed response after consultation with the Senate Faculty Standards and Affairs Committee.
Will the faculty members be able to add their own questions? If not, what method can they use to ask their students these questions?
Only colleges and departments may add additional questions. Faculty can use Moodle to create separate surveys to ask about course curriculum.

Evaluated Courses

What happens with cross-listed courses? How can our department ensure all students are included in the evaluation results, rather than dividing these into two separate evaluations?
Currently the instructors will receive two separate reports (one from each listed course), though we are investigating a way to automatically create a report that aggregates the two sections into one. Only the department in which the instructor is employed will receive the evaluation report.
What does it mean to evaluate ALL courses? Will all courses, including supervisory courses, be evaluated?
All Sonoma State credit bearing courses  with more than 5 students will be evaluated using the ClassClimate system.
What about team-taught courses? Will each instructor be evaluated?
If each instructor is listed as an official instructor of record then students will receive a separate evaluation form per instructor.

Other Questions?

If you have other questions that are not included in this FAQ or in the pages of this site, please contact