Participating in the Survey

Following is a description of how students will participate in the SETE survey,

Email Notifications, Reminders, Moodle Link

  • Approximately three weeks before the end of classes, all students will receive email notifications asking them to participate in the SETE survey. Each survey link, one for each course instructor, will be sent in a separate message.
  • At the same time, a new "block" will appear on the Moodle Site Home and My Home pages. This block will contain links to the authenticated student's ClassClimate surveys. The block will remain in Moodle until the last day of instruction.
  • After a few days, if the student has not taken the survey, they will get a reminder email.
  • The reminder emails will be sent every few days until either the student takes the survey or the survey closes on the last day of instruction.
  • A few days before the end of instruction, if less than half of the students for a class have taken the survey, the instructor will be sent an email suggesting they take action to encourage the students to complete the survey.

Taking the Survey

The SETE survey can be taken with any modern web browser. Javascript is required.

When the student clicks the link in the email or Moodle block, the student will be taken to the SETE survey for that specific class and instructor. 

Screenshot of survey first page - click to zoom.

The first page of the survey contains bio/demographical information.

Screenshot of survey second page - click to zoom.

When the student clicks “Next >>” or the red “2” tab, they are taken to the second page of the survey, which contains the instructor evaluation questions.

Screenshot of survey fourth page - click to zoom.

As the student moves through the survey, the tab colors change to indicate progress. Green tabs indicate completed pages. Yellow tab is the current page.

Screenshot of survey fifth page - click to zoom.

If a student moves on to a new page without answering all the questions, the tab color changes back to red to indicate unfinished answers.

The student may "Save temporarily" and return to complete a survey later, or the student can click "Submit" to close a completed survey.

After submitting a survey, the student will be presented with a page linking to other surveys the student has not yet completed.


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