Sonoma State is committed to the following security standards:

  • Student evaluations of teaching effectiveness shall remain anonymous.
  • Instructors shall not be provided access to evaluation data until after all final grades for the course have been submitted.
  • All aspects of the evaluation process, including collection and storage of data, shall be conducted with due regard for necessary privacy and security policies, guidelines, and practices.

Students may ask:

How can I be sure that my response is anonymous if I access the link from my official SSU email or when I log on to my Moodle Courses?

The link is in no way tied to your student account. It is a unique, one time use password to take the survey. There are no records as to which student received which password as it is all randomized when the survey emails are sent out. Also, all data are shown in aggregate form to the instructors, they cannot see individual student responses.

How can I be sure that my instructor has not seen my evaluation before grades are submitted?

Student course evaluation results are not released from the system until one week after the date grades are due, so instructors cannot access this information prior to calculating and submitting their grades.

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Instructors may ask:

Who is able to view my results?

Instructors and their respective department chairs are the only ones who will receive reports of the student evaluations of teaching effectiveness. These reports will be sent to these individuals’ email address of record in the official University directory.

How secure are the data?

The ClassClimate system is maintained by University Information Technology administrators who, as part of standard University practice, receive training on and sign an agreement to uphold University privacy and security policies, guidelines, and practice. All data are backed up and stored in accordance with CSU and University business continuity requirements.

Can students complete more than one evaluation per course?

Each student can only complete one evaluation per course. Once their unique identifier has been used, the system will not allow access to additional evaluations in the same course.

How can I be sure the students completing the evaluations are actually enrolled in the course?

The ClassClimate system receives a current list of course enrollments from the University student information system prior to releasing the evaluations to the students, ensuring an up-to-date list of enrolled students.

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