Goals and Resources for Sophomore Year

The Sophomore Year Experience: Making the most of your Second Year at SSU

  • What major should I declare, or did I decide on the right one?
  • How can my department/SSU help me achieve my personal/professional goals?
  • Will my classes help me develop the skills I need to be marketable?
  • What am I going to do or what type of job can I ACTUALLY get with this major?

Your second year at SSU is an opportunity for you to start focusing on making progress and connecting to your academics NOW, not waiting until junior year to engage in opportunities that will help you pursue your dreams. If any of these questions above resonated for you, then explore the interactive presentation below to learn more about how to make the most of your second year at SSU!

Choose a Major: Learn more about your major. Does it let you pursue your interests? Does it let you shine as a student? What opportunities (academic, career, personal) does this major offer? If you are thinking about other majors, talk to advisors. It is still early to make switch.

If you are deciding your major, visit Undeclared Academic Advising or the Advising Center (Salazar 1070). Peer Advisors are also available at the Advising Center to provide advice on majors, GE, and how to make the most of your advising relationships.

If you are declared, check out your department webpage from this list of Academic Departments and Programs. From there, you can find more information on how to set up an appointment with a department advisor. While there, find out more about your major and what you can do with it.

Explore Academic Opportunities: Take classes designed specifically for sophomores or engage in opportunities that will help you pursue your dreams.

  • Do you want to study abroad?
  • Do an internship?
  • Do undergraduate research?

Check out what the School of Social Sciences has to offer sophomores.

Consider Study Abroad in another country, or studying somewhere else in the U.S. through National Student Exchange.

Choose Meaningful Opportunities Outside of the Classroom: What can you do beyond the classroom to follow an interest? Explore new directions? Help others? Learn about the world?

Attend events hosted by SYE and U-Engage, Residential Life’s Upperclass Student Engagement Living & Learning Community.

SSU has wonderful opportunities to get involved in clubs, Greek Life, arts and music, Student Leadership and Government, and more. How can co-curricular activities enhance your education. Learn more about Campus Life. Also, visit your department office or website to learn more about student clubs.

Consider engaging in community service and service learning through JUMP (Join Us Making Progress). Get involved with The HUB: An Integral Center for Diversity, Vitality, and Creativity.

Explore Career Ideas: What kinds of things do you like to do? Working with people, teaching others, conducting research? Do your classes and activities help you develop those skills? What kinds of work do people with those skills and interests do? How can you use internships, jobs, and coursework to explore more?

Visit the Career Center in Salazar 1070 or take advantage of online Career Services Student Services. Connect with Alumni Mentors and pair yourself with SSU alumni to learn more about their careers and life after SSU.