University Affairs Accomplishments 2009-2010

Marketing and Communications

Internal Communication

  • Produced weekly issues of NewsBytes and distributed campuswide email, keeping faculty, staff and students informed of events and information
  • Coordinated Executive/Administrative campuswide and external communications including those on budget, diversity, Academic Foundation, and CIHS
  • Produced online version of Schedule of Classes for Spring 2010, Summer 2010 and Fall 2010
  • Served as project coordinator for the production of the now annual SSU catalog. Documented the entire catalog to serve as blueprint for the project
  • Created SSU News Center including conception of new site, content development for expansion of news coverage for campus, work flow process

External Communication

  • Pitched stories to media on topics identified throughout the campus
  • Cultivated strong connections to local and SF media despite severe decline in print industry and shifts in other parts of media landscape
  • Implemented launch and ongoing operations of SSU’s official Facebook, Twitter, Flickr sites
  • Drafted fact sheets, special web pages on budget cut scenarios, furloughs
  • Developed sustainability blog for “green” campus issues
  • Distributed approximately 150 press releases or advisories as well as numerous individual email pitches.
  • Coordinated writing, production and pre-sale of SSU history book
  • Grew a 50-person event to 750 attendees with Insecta-palooza establishing a successful annual event with marketing and communications support and media coverage including web site, posters, flyers, press releases, video, etc.
  • Working with the School of Performing Arts, helped market the Theatre Arts and Music Departments that led to increase exposure in media and larger audiences for performances


  • Facilitated Marketing Roundtable (13 members who each have marketing responsibilities)
  • Continued consultation with School of Business and Economics as they moved forward with their branding campaign
  • Worked with the Web Advisory Committee in development of the new web policy, identity standards and web standards

Crisis Communications

  • Developed/compiled Crisis Communication Handbook
  • Provided crisis communication support on Academic Foundation issue – including campus messages, press releases, support to VPs of Development, Administration & Finance


  • Initiated plan to show clarity of SSU auxiliaries as they relate to the University
  • Developed Academic Foundation logo for use on stationery and website

Green Music Center

  • Coordinated three special events in the Green Music Center
  • Produced programs for GMC events
  • Produced updated GMC video and “take-away” brochure
  • Provided content and updated GMC website
  • Served as media contact for GMC
  • Coordinated and conducted 30+ public tours of the Green Music Center

SSU Website

  • Updated SSU website top-level pages (audience pages, Points of Pride, History, About SSU, etc.)
  • Participated in the University Web Team
  • Undertook the redesign the SSU website


  • Coordinated advocacy messages from the CSU Chancellor’s Office to SSU’s publics.


  • Coordinated May, 2010 Commencement
  • Designed and produced 80 page program for Commencement 2010

University Development Support

  • Produced a number of projects that supported University Development’s efforts: website updates, invitations and programs for GMC events, alumni email banner and letterhead, and graphics for donor cultivation


  • Maintained the University’s photo archives and provided photography services

Special Events

President/University Affairs Events

  • Coordinated the President’s and University Affairs Division’s lunches, dinners and other special events


  • Coordinated the planning and the execution of Homecoming events

50th Anniversary

  • Began the planning process to celebrate the University’s 50th anniversary

Government Affairs

University Planning

  • Participated in the University Planning Steering Committee that resulted in the University’s Strategic Plan

City and County Connections

  • Met regularly with Mayor Pam Stafford, Vice Mayor Gina Belaforte and Councilman Jake MacKenzie to discuss issues of mutual concern
  • Facilitated several meetings with the members of the Rohnert Park City Council and executive staff of Santa Rosa to discuss issues of common interest
  • Met every other month with Supervisor Shirlee Zane and Supervisor Efren Carrillo to discuss issues of mutual interest

State Legislators Connections

  • Attended legislative days in Sacramento to meet with local legislators. Met several times in the district with our local legislators and their district staff

Federal Legislators Connections

  • Attended Capitol Hill Day in Washington, D.C. with the President to meet with members of Congress
  • Met several times with local members of Congress and/or their staffs on campus or in the district to discuss SSU issues

Campus Connections

  • Met monthly with the student body president to discuss issues of concern to students
  • Met monthly with Chair of the Academic Senate to discuss issues of concern to faculty
  • Met monthly with the staff representative to the Academic Senate to discuss issues of concern to staff

Community Connections

  • Participated in the Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, Sonoma County Alliance, and North Bay Leadership Council

Green Music Center

  • Participated in Green Music Center Working Group
  • Participated in the On Campus Presents (OCP) Committee
  • Participated on the GMC Leadership Group
  • Participated in the GMC Finale Committee
  • Participated on the GMC Advisory Board