Fall 2013 Convocation Speech

Mac Hart
President, Associated Students

Fall 2013 Speakers
August 19, 2013

Ruben Armiñana

Andrew Rogerson
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Margaret Purser
Chair of the Faculty

Mac Hart
Associated Students President

Marybeth Hull
Staff Representative to the Academic Senate

My name is Mac Hart.

I’m the president of Associated Students.

We work to make the student experience better. We lobby for student issues and fund the types of programs and services that make the college experience exceptional.

As a University, we know that we can build fine music halls, advanced student centers, and quality academic programs, and yet, we need something more.

Something is lacking both within our classes and throughout our campus community.

Soul, spirit, vibe, culture …and most of all unity---
Without all of this, the success of everything we’re invested in, can only go so far.
Now, if you could buy these things
We certainly would have done so already..
But these things cannot be purchased.

The only group of people on this campus that have the ability to change the student culture are the students themselves.

And that’s why we need your help.

Faculty and Staff we need your help. You are scouts. On a daily basis you spend hours with the members we serve. Faculty, you read their thoughts in their writing, you hear their input in class discussion, and you observe their ability to interact with those around them. You see their attitude, their energy, and their spirit.

So, as we start this semester, please keep in mind:

Does your class discussion leave students bubbling with energy and passion?

Does your course leave students curious?

Does your class leave students with thoughts of political action?

Are your students actively engaged and full of potential?

Maybe you see that they are ready to be part of something bigger

You see and get to know these students every day.

Send them to Associated Students.

Send us the passionate, the driven, and the willing,

Send them to work with us.

Send them to volunteer with us.

Send them to collaborate with us.

With a city of thin walled suburban homes leaving our students facing continued restrictions from the community around us.

and with a campus culture that seems to resemble a ghost town during the weekends, and a retirement home during the week.

NOW is the time to revise some aspects of our university.

We’re on a mission at Associated Students to liven this place up, to activate the student potential, and to support student success. 

In my time here, I have seen the administration attempt to change the culture on this campus.

And they have succeeded in changing the campus,

but the culture remains the same.

It is the responsibility of Associated Students to lead the students in changing the campus culture.

Academic programs can only be so successful, ticket sales can only be so successful, and the opening of multi-million dollar buildings can only be so successful - to truly succeed we need a strong, thriving, and vibrant campus.

Our campus does not have such a culture at this time.

And administration, we need to have your support more than ever, in ensuring that the student body has the necessary freedoms to gather frequently

to gather late

to gather in large numbers

and to be able to do all of this at locations on campus that are both safe for our students and least disturbing to the community around us

it’s not enough to say space is available or that it’s open late, it’s about letting us do what needs to be done to activate the student potential, and to support student success. 

It’s about to get real.

It’s about to get weird.

it’s about to get messy, noisy, and full of life.

and it’s time for us to embrace it together.

Thank you.