Strategic Areas

Appendix A

University Planning Steering Committee Membership
Name Position
Ruben Armiñana President
Eduardo Ochoa Provost (Co-Chair)
Laurence Furukawa-Schlereth Vice President for Administration and Finance (Co-Chair)
Patricia McNeill Vice President for Development
Dan Condron Vice President for University Affairs
Matthew Lopez-Phillips Vice President for Student Affairs
Melinda Barnard Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
Saeid Rahimi Dean
Samuel Scalise Chief Information Officer
Letitia Coate Associate Vice President for Administration and Finance
Neil Markley Senior Director for Entrepreneurial Activities
Rose Bruce Associate Vice President for Institutional Research
Elaine Sundberg Associate Vice Provost for Academic Programs
Christopher Dinno Senior Director, Capital Planning
Susan Moulton Chair of the Faculty
John Wingard Chair-elect of the Faculty
Scott Miller Past Chair of the Faculty
Kelly Estrada (F09)/Art Warmoth (S10) Chair, Academic Planning Committee
Carmen Works Chair, Educational Policies Committee
Derek Girman Chair, Student Affairs Committee
Heather Hanson President, Associated Students
TBD Student leader
Kathleen Hardy Staff member