The effectiveness of an education in the liberal arts and sciences is critically dependent upon the broad foundation of studies referred to as GE. Through our GE program, students learn a variety of basic skills and modes of disciplinary inquiry. General education courses are not simply the preliminary and introductory studies of the various disciplines; rather, they provide the necessary context for the more specific study in the major and for the selection of appropriate electives. The courses within the various areas and sub-areas, investigate the complexity of the human experience in a diverse natural and social world, and promotes informed and ethical participation as citizens of the world. To achieve this, the program aims to develop within each student: (1) a foundation of intellectual skills and capacities; (2) a social and global knowledge; (3) an understanding and use of multiple methods of inquiry and approaches to knowledge; and (4) capacities for integration and lifelong learning.

View the current GE Patterns:

  • 48-unit GE Pattern: For students starting Fall 2018 - Spring 2019 as either Freshman or transfers with fewer than 30 units
  • 48-unit Transfer GE Pattern: For students starting as transfers with 30+ units
  • 50-unit GE Pattern: For students starting Fall 2011 - Spring 2018 as either Freshman or transfers with fewer than 30 units
  • 51-unit GE Pattern: For students starting prior to Fall 2011 as either Freshman or transfers with fewer than 30 units

View the archived GE Patterns:

View a detailed overview of approved GE courses:

  • Fall 2018 only: A list of all GE courses offered in Fall 2018
  • Full list: A list of all SSU courses approved for GE


* Note: Each baccalaureate candidate must complete the appropriate GE Pattern from the list above. It is recommend that students use their Academic Requirements Report to understand and track the specific GE requirements. Students in the Hutchins School of Liberal Studies may meet many of the GE requirements through the completion of the lower-division program in the Hutchins School. For more information, please contact your advisor.