Can We Help You?

Mission Statement

Sonoma State University's Advising services empowers Sonoma State students to be architects of their own futures through educational, career, and life planning.

We are committed to excellence in advising, teaching, and mentoring to address the needs of the whole student. We work in collaboration with the larger university community to provide an environment in which students are respected and diversity is valued.

We provide:

  1. Academic advising for undeclared, undecided students.
  2. Information and training for faculty advisors.
  3. Guidance and resources to all students in the areas of career development and employment.
  4. Administration and interpretation of standardized admission and placement tests.

1.) Advising, Undeclared

If you are an undeclared major, you're in the right place. Over one-third of our entering students have not declared a major and receive their academic advising from the professionals in the Advising Center. For more information, call for an appointment (664-2730) or come by Salazar Hall 1070 and visit us!

Students who have declared a major and need advising must contact their major department for academic advising.

2.) Helping Faculty and Staff

The Advising Center is also responsible for providing information and training for faculty advisors.

Advising Center
Salazar 1070
70 664-2730