Campus Planning Committee (CPC)

Charge to Committee:

Assist the President in the coordination, development and control of long-range plan for the physical development of the campus, within a framework of policy established by the Trustees.

The committee serves in an advisory capacity on:

  • Development and maintenance of long-range plan for the physical development of the campus.
  • Selection of sites for new buildings and other facilities on the campus.
  • Review of the work of architects during the preliminary drawing phase.
  • Review and advise on the five-year and other long range building programs.
  • Serve as liaison and advisory body for dealing with city and county planning authorities on matters related to campus development, zoning and land use in areas surrounding the University, streets and highways leading to and from the campus, and other matters.
  • Review and advise on matters pertaining to the aesthetic environment of the campus.
  • Other matters for review and advice as delegated by the President of the University.


May 1961, Resolution of The CSU Board of Trustees

Reports to:



Ex Officio:

  • President of the University (Chair)
  • University officer responsible for the building program
  • University Consulting Architecht
  • Campus Planner from The CSU Chancellor's Office
  • Senior Director for Risk Management
  • Chief of Police Services
  • Vice President for Development
  • Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Vice President for University Affairs
  • Director of Athletics
  • Director of Campus Planning
  • Three persons selected by the President to represent educational policy and finance:
    • Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
    • Vice President for Administration and Finance
    • Chair of the Faculty

Appointed by President:

  • Two faculty members nominated by Faculty Senate
  • Two students nominated by Associated Students
  • One staff member appointed by the President
  • Community Member at large

Term and Appointment:

Annually, early Fall

Meeting Schedule:

Normally, two meetings each semester; additional meetings to be called by President as needed.