August 16, 2016 - The Campus Reengineering Committee is on hiatus until further notice.

Campus Reengineering Committee (CRC)

The CRC, established in July 1994, is chaired by the Vice President for Administration and Finance. Faculty members include the Chair of the Faculty; Chair-Elect of the Faculty; the immediate Past-Chair of the Faculty; one statewide senator; and, seven instructional faculty members, one elected by each of the five Schools, the Library and from the faculty SSPs, serving staggered three-year terms. Other members are appointed by the Vice President for Administration and Finance. The term of these appointments are indefinite. The CRC meets approximately once a month.


The purpose of CRC is to review, analyze and recommend to the Division of Administration and Finance on issues related to budget, strategic planning, reengineering activities, revenue enhancement iniatitves, ans service improvement programs.


  • In the overall context of shared governance at Sonoma State University, the CRC undertakes consultation for those areas under the responsibility of the Vice-President for Administration and Finance (Vice-President),
  • Consultation in the CRC is a process by which the Vice-President brings forward various issues related to his jurisdiction. Consultation means the Vice-President sincerely seeks the viewpoints and perspectives of CRC members on the issues that have been brought forward.
  • The Vice-President sets the agenda for CRC meetings. As such, the Vice-President must exercise judgment regarding which issues require consultation. CRC members, however, are free to request that the Vice-President consider placing an item on the CRC agenda. The Vice-President will make every effort to publish the CRC Agenda, without supporting documentation, one week prior to the CRC meeting date.
  • Comments made by CRC members to the Vice-President are advisory in nature. CRC members recognize that the final decision is that of the Vice-President who also bears responsibility for the decision and is accountable for it.
  • In the consultative process, CRC members have a right to expect that the Vice-President will listen seriously to the various viewpoints and perspectives of the CRC members, that the Vice-President will reflect upon the advice provided in a thoughtful and careful fashion, and that once the Vice-President comes to a decision, he will communicate that decision to the CRC along with its rationale.
  • Formal Roberts Rules of Order will not be followed at the CRC.
  • Depending on the issue at hand, first and second readings may be held in CRC meetings.
  • Student CRC members are selected by the Associated Students Incorporated. Faculty CRC members are selected by the Executive Committee of the Academic Senate. Non-faculty, Non-Student CRC members are invited to serve by the Vice-President.
  • It is expected that student CRC members and faculty CRC members will keep the Associated Students Incorporated and the Academic Senate respectively informed of CRC activities.
  • Short-term proxies are not permitted at the CRC but representatives are welcome. All meetings of the CRC are open to the public.