October 14, 1994


To: Campus Planning Committee

From: Ruben Armiñana, President

Subject: Notes from October 25, 1994 Campus Planning Committee

Ratification of Capital Outlay Program 1996/97 through 2000/2001

Deborah DuVall distributed the draft Five-Year Capital Outlay Program 1996/97 through 2000/01, State and Non-State funded programs. She asked that the committee ratify the program as drafted so that she could begin preparation of the program documents due in the Chancellor's Office in April. The committee approved the State Program's five projects: Library/CMTS, from here on known as the Information Center, construction scheduled for 1996/97; Renovate/Upgrade Central Utility Plant, working drawings and construction in 1996/97; Renovate Fine Arts Laboratory Ventilation, planning and construction in 1996/97; Renovate/Upgrade Telecommunications Infrastructure, planning in 1997/98 and construction in 1998/99; Remodel Salazar Library for Classroom/Student Services/Administration, scheduled to begin planning in 1997/98; Access and Roadway Improvements, scheduled to begin planning in 1997/98 and construction in 1998/99; Faculty Office/Lab/Classroom "Professional Building", scheduled to begin planning in 1997/98; and Stevenson Hall Remodel for Classroom, scheduled to begin planning in 1998/99. The committee discussed the schedule and occupants of these projects.

Steven Orlick asked that the Stevenson Hall Remodel project include enough funds to include improvements to the building's west entrance to make it safer and more attractive since it is the primary entrance to a high traffic building. He also suggested that the loading dock be improved through a Minor Capital Outlay project as soon as possible.

The Non-State program was approved with three projects: The University Center (Bookstore/Enterprises Building), scheduled to begin planning in 1993/94 and construction in 1994/95; Parking Lot (400 spaces), scheduled to begin planning in 1997/98; and the Environmental Studies Solar Lab scheduled for planning and construction in 1997/98.

Approval to Plant a Redwood Grove at the Baseball Facility

Ralph Barkey, Director of Athletics, and John Goelz, Baseball Coach, requested that the committee approve the planting of a new grove of Redwood trees behind the center field fence of the baseball field. This would eventually serve as a background for the hitter and keep the sun out of the hitter's eyes. These trees would also serve as a replacement for the dying Poplar trees on the north side of the field that had to be removed as a safety precaution.

Discussion on the Benson Sculpture "Bacon and Eggs"

Deborah DuVall reminded the Committee that, during the last year, a request had come from several factions of the campus to consider the future condition of the Benson Sculpture known as "Bacon and Eggs". The deterioration of the condition of the sculpture was of central concern; the issues being: whether the campus can paint the piece and, if so, would we paint it the same color or a different color and whether the campus still wants to retain the piece on its current site. The committee agreed that, at the very least, some type of maintenance was required but that, before any action was taken, a subcommittee with broad representation should be formed to research the issues surrounding the campus' responsibility to the artist regarding maintenance or changes to the artwork, and to make a recommendation regarding the future of the sculpture. President Armiñana asked that Deborah DuVall work with Susan Moulton and the Art Gallery Director to form a subcommittee to address these questions.

Project Status Report

Deborah DuVall and John Bond gave a status report on the new Parking Lot project to be constructed this spring between South Sequoia Way and Construction Road, the Seismic Upgrade projects to be constructed on Stevenson, Darwin, the Library, the Commons, the Fieldhouse, the Boiler Plant and the Corporation Yard Shops this spring and the Reclaimed Water project currently being planned by Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park that will be completed in 1995.

Additional Item: Building Signs

Steve Orlick asked the committee to consider an additional item regarding building signs. He felt that all buildings named after people should have the full name of the person on the building sign to avoid confusion and that there should be a plaque inside the building door that gave information about the person being honored. John Bond pointed out that there was a task force in existence working on sign improvements and that he would see to it that these suggestions where incorporated.

CPC Minutes 1994-1995
Updated 2008-01-11