April 4, 1995


To: Campus Planning Committee

From: Ruben Armiñana, President

Subject: Notes from March 17, 1995 Campus Planning Committee Meeting

Approval of Modification to the University Center Master Plan Footprint

Deborah DuVall reviewed the history of the existing Master Plan footprint for the Bookstore/Enterprises building which was master planned in 1992 at 30,000 square feet. The recent program changes for that building were discussed and a Phase I Preliminary Program of 74,204 was proposed. It was explained that , before Preliminary Planning can begin, a new Master Plan footprint must be approved. The Campus Consulting Architect, Sandy D'Elia from KMD, presented a footprint with a split level building, extending out onto the Central Quadrangle with a foodcourt separated from the rest of the building by a covered mall. Don Farish asked Deborah DuVall to summarize the impact of this building on the renovation of the existing library and Stevenson Hall. It was explained that the building would be designed to be flexible to allow for conversion to bookstore space at the time that the administrative units moved into the existing library. Anthony Tusler asked that close in parking be included for the disabled. Ron Shinnerer pointed out that the architect should make sure that the mall not be too narrow, as happened at the Northride campus. President Armi–ana asked why the planned second phase, which would include a wellness center and recreational space, was not included in the master planned footprint. He expressed the desire to have both phases planned at the same time. Rather than approve the first phase footprint at this time, he directed the architect and Deborah DuVall to return to the committee with a footprint that would illustrate the total project for approval.

Status Report on Campus Storage Building Construction

In John Bonds absence, Deborah DuVall updated the committee on the erection of a campus storage building on Laurel Drive across from the Corporation Yard. The building consists of a 10,000 square foot pre-fabricated metal building that would have an east-west orientation. The project would include a small fenced asphalt concrete yard. The floor plan was distributed. The committee had no comments or corrections.

Status Report for the Committee on Exterior Art Work: Benson Sculpture

Deborah DuVall reported that she, Susan Moulton and Michael Schwager had formed a subcommittee with student representation, staff and faculty from the Art Department and each of the academic divisions to consider the future of the Benson Sculpture known as "Bacon and Eggs". The current state of disrepair of the piece was the primary purpose to form such a committee.

It seemed to the committee that there were three possibilities:

  1. Maintain the sculpture as it is by painting it the same colors
  2. Change the look of the piece
  3. Remove or relocate the piece

The committee started by researching the legal and ethical issues and policies surrounding ownership of the pieces and the care and preservation of public sculpture. The information is summarized as follows:

Unless otherwise specified by contract or Memo of Understanding, the rights of the artist and the integrity of the work of art supersedes the wishes of the owner if those wishes include destroying, removing, moving, or altering the work without full consent of the artist.. These rights exist only until the 50th anniversary of the artists death.

At the time the Benson Sculpture was accepted, there was no contract or MOU.
No conditions have every been documented.

Given the information that the committee has learned, the recommendation at this time is that the option of removal/replacement not be considered in the present situation but that the artist be approached with the emphasis that the piece needs attention and that the campus would like to formally establish the conditions and future of the piece in a written MOU that will become a matter of record. In this way we can clarify conditions for future renovation or removal while maintaining the rights of the artist. We can do this soon so that the piece does not have to remain in disrepair.

From what we have learned, we also recommend that the campus tighten its policy and procedure for accepting art work so as to include a MOU with any negotiations in the future. The committee approved this recommendation and instructed the Gallery Director to begin such a process.

Project Status Report

The committee was given a status report of the new parking lot, the seismic improvements and the exterior lighting retrofit. After the report, Steven Orlick requested a new project be added. That project would be to remodel/renovate the loading dock entrance at Stevenson Hall. The concern was primarily one of safety; the entrance and stairwells leading to all three floors being congested and confined given the numbers of people using the entrance. The committee agreed and instructed Deborah DuVall to work with an architect to come up with a budget to explore a solution to improve what acts as a main entrance to the campus.

CPC Minutes 1994-1995
Updated 2008-01-11