December 14, 1995


To: Campus Planning Committee

From: Ruben Armiñana, President

Subject: Notes from December 6, 1995 Campus Planning Committee Meeting

Recommendation to Eliminate Parking on Petaluma Hill Road.

Pat Carr reported to the committee on the traffic level and rate of accidents being experienced on Petaluma Hill Road. The County has completed a traffic engineering study and, given the high speed of the vehicles and the campus pedestrian crossing patterns, feel that it is an unsafe condition. The County engineers have suggested that parking on Petaluma Hill and East Cotati be eliminated as soon as the campus can accommodate all its parking needs on site. This has become possible with the completion of the new 600 space parking lot.

Susan Harris asked if this would cause a public relation problem with our neighbors by forcing people who don't want to pay parking onto their streets. The committee generally felt that students were tax payers and had a right to park where parking was available and safe, but that the University, once made aware, had the responsibility and liability risk to eliminate that safety hazard. President Armi–ana stated his support for eliminating the parking on Petaluma Hill Road and East Cotati Ave, but only after the campus community had been given ample warning. He suggested that the summer be the transition period with the change in place by Fall 1996. Pat Carr recommended that a letter be sent to County Public Works office recommending the elimination of parking on Petaluma Hill Road and East Cotati Avenue; the committee approved the recommendation with one abstention.

Recommendation Regarding "World Peace" Mural. Michael Schwager reported that the campus had been approached by artist Charles Lobdell who was interested in gifting his mural titled "World Peace" to the University for display somewhere on campus. As Director of the Art Gallery, Michael Schwager recommended that SSU decline the offer by the artist; his reason being a concern for the present and future condition of the piece regarding maintenance and a question concerning its aesthetic merit as a University acquisition. The committee unanimously approved the recommendation.

Proposal for a Mural in the Proposed Information Center Building.

Manuel Hidalgo asked the committee to approve the concept of the installation of a permanent Latino heritage mural for the proposed Information Center. The mural would seek to commemorate the Latino heritage of the North Bay from the Spanish/Mexican period to the present. He distributed information on a proposed method of funding and selection process for the mural.

President Armiñana asked if there could be an alternate location for the mural. Manuel Hidalgo was interested in the Information Center because it was a center for learning and a goal of the mural was to be instructional. He also pointed out that there were two aspects to his request, one was to receive approval to gather financial support for the mural and one was to decide its location.

After much discussion, the committee felt that, in the absence of any policy on public art, they needed more information and guidance before giving approval for such a proposal. President Armiñana felt that a clear proposal should be developed before any fund raising effort was made. The President, therefore, deferred the item until Michael Schwager could recommend a subcommittee that could develop a guiding policy.

Status Report on Modifications to the Benson and the Wareham Sculptures.

Michael Schwager gave a report on the progress of the subcommittee charged with making a recommendation on the Benson and Wareham sculptures. He stated that he had been able to contact Walter Benson and had found him interested in establishing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the University which would define our rights and responsibility for future care and maintenance. He was pleased that we were going to repaint the sculpture and was completely supportive of any desire we might have to choose another color scheme. Michael is working on the MOU and is informally soliciting campus opinions regarding the color scheme. He promised to return to the committee with that recommendation.

The William Wareham sculpture Nazca, located at the main entrance needs to be cleaned. Its legal status is still unclear. The artist claims that the sculpture was given as a gift to the University around 1982 and is now part of the Academic Foundation collection, however, no documents to support this claim can be found. The committee felt that if the sculpture does not belong to the University, it should be returned to the artist and if it does belong to SSU, it should be cleaned and possibly moved to another location on campus. President Armiñana asked Michael Schwager to write a registered letter to the artist requesting proof of acceptance by a certain time period with the caveat that the University would act in absence of a response.

CPC Minutes 1995-1996
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