April 11, 1996


To: Campus Planning Committee

From: Ruben Armiñana, President

Subject: Notes from April 2, 1996 Campus Planning Committee Meeting

Approval of Schematic Design of the Stevenson/Darwin Falling Hazard Retrofit

Deborah DuVall gave the committee a history and progress report on the project to repair the parapets on the Stevenson and Darwin roofs. These parapets have become falling hazards because of a deterioration of the concrete. The 1996/97 Capital Outlay Budget contains a line item under seismic retrofits for $500,000 to repair the two buildings and an engineering firm, MKM and Associates have been hired to design the repair. Construction is planned for the Summer and Fall of 1997. James Meacham for MKM explained that the firm was conducting a Feasibility Study and had not yet settled on one design for the buildings. Three design were being explored for correction/replacement of the parapets. All three would include demolition of the existing parapets, but each would have different treatments for replacement. Mr. Meacham explained that the firm had not yet concluded its study. Once completed, the study would be submitted to the CSU Seismic Peer Review and would then come back to the Campus Planning Committee for further consideration.The committee asked that the architect consider the possibilities of tying the redesign of the Stevenson/Darwin parapets to the design of the Information Center if possible. James Meacham promised to look into the possibilities and return to the May Campus Planning Committee meeting.

Recommendation Regarding Skateboards on Campus

Larry Schlereth requested that the committee consider a recommendation from the Human Services Public Safety department to prohibit skateboards and rollerblades on campus. The conflict between pedestrians and these two modes of transportation has become a safety concern for that department. This concern is heightened by the fact that the campus is becoming a location for the neighboring community to skate on weekends. Aside from the safety concerns, there has developed a building maintenance issue because many skaters are going into the buildings as well. The committee considered many aspects of the ban and several alternatives: a total campus ban of both skateboards and rollerblades, a ban of just skateboards on pedestrian paths or a ban of both within buildings only. The consensus of the committee was that they approve:

It was agreed that this item be placed on the May meeting agenda with a report from Public Safety being a part of that discussion.

Approval to Install Exterior Lights on the Athletic Fields

John Bond asked the committee to postpone the approval to install exterior lights on one of the campus athletic fields. He explained that a task force had just been established to consider which field would be most appropriate and what the costs of the project would be. This proposal has come as a result of a request from students living in the Residential complex and would, therefore, be paid for out of the Housing Budget. Ron Shinnerer stated that he felt the proposal would be appreciated and the lighted field used by intermural sports as well. Steve Orlick asked for information regarding the cost of energy to light an athletic field and John Bond promised to come back to the committee in May with that information.

Status Report on Modification to the Benson and Wareham Sculptures

Michael Schwager reported on progress made toward refurbishing the Benson Sculpture. The treatment report from the consultant has been undertaken but is not yet completed. It is assumed that Facilities Services would do the painting once the report is received and any concerns or treatments addressed. Michael has consulted with both the artist and the art department community regarding the design change to be undertaken during refurbishing attempts and all are agreed to painting the piece with a new color scheme: Black on the northside, white on the southside and blue at the base.Michael then reported that research on the Wareham sculpture indicated that the piece had been accepted by the campus. Although it had not gone to the Board of Trustees for approval and acceptance, it has been accepted by the campus as a gift to the Academic Foundation. As such, the piece is the responsibility of the campus and falls under the guidelines of the California Art Preservation Act. The committee agreed that it is within those guidelines to relocate the piece on campus and Steve Orlick made a motion that the piece be moved to a location near the Art Building. The current site by the main campus entrance can then be used to create an exhibit space for temporary pieces that would be rotated to expose the campus to a greater variety of sculpture. The committee asked Michael to work with Facilities Planning to find a new location for the Wareham piece.

Modification to Laurel Drive

Steve Orlick asked the committee to consider a proposal to modify the Laurel Drive entrance off Petaluma Hill Road. He reported on his conversations with the County Traffic Engineer, Dave Walls, who stated that changing the entrance/exit to allow entrance only would eliminate the possibilities of broadside accidents and be, therefore, a safer alternative. Steve had also talked with the Rohnert Park Planning Director who expressed no opposition to the proposal. The proposal was to try an experiment for three months that would allow entrance only at Laurel Drive and would prohibit any exiting onto Petaluma Hill Road. The committee asked that Facilities Services draw up a plan that would illustrate how the intersection would work and to announce the proposal to the campus through the Star, This Week and the Staff Council for input. The item would then be placed on the agenda for the next meeting.

Status Report on the Installation of New Campus Signs

Deborah DuVall gave the committee a status report on the installation of new campus signs stating that the project is on hold until the budget is identified. Deborah also informed the committee that there has been a request to install small signs on Rachel Carson Hall that would direct people to the room numbers within the building. These signs could be part of the pilot project that was taking place in the AFC Center and be the same blue color with white letters. The committee approved the installation.

Status Report on Modification to Stevenson Hall West Entrance

The committee asked for a status report on the project to modify Stevenson Hall west entrance to correct safety code violations in the stairwells and entrances to each floor. This project would also improve the loading dock entrance making it more accessible. Deborah stated that she has received a proposal amounting to $10,000 from the architectural firm, KMD, to complete a feasibility study which would identify a solution and a cost to correct the building entrance. Larry Schlereth stated that the multi-year plan calls for a remodel on the Redwood Lounge and Darwin Lounge and that this project would be included on that list of projects.

CPC Minutes 1995-1996
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