May 9, 1997


To: Campus Planning Committee

From: Ruben Armiñana, President

Subject: Notes from May 6, 1997 Campus Planning Committee Meeting

Approval to Site a Temporary Building for CIHS

Deborah DuVall reported that the California Institute on Human Services (CIHS) has requested that they be allowed to construct a new temporary building of 5,000 square feet on the campus. The temporary building that they currently occupy is not large enough for the operation they support and new grants are expected this summer. The site being considered is on Laurel Drive across from the Facilities Services building on what is currently outdoor basketball courts. Deborah DuVall stated that, in Facilities ServicesÕ opinion, these courts are in such disrepair that they have not been used for many years; without repair and resufacing, the courts are unsafe for play and there are no budget plans for repair. The University Master Plan does not contain any other future building footprint in this area that would preclude the siting of a temporary building. There would, however, be a large expense running telecommunication services to the site. Tony Appoloni asked that the committee approve the concept that CIHS be allowed to place a new temporary building on the campus with this site being approved contingent on solving the difficulty of the telecommunication link to the site. Vice President Furukawa-Schlereth moved that the committee approve the concept and the site with the understanding that, should this site not be workable and a new site be considered, CIHS would return to the committee for approval. Anthony Tusler seconded the motion and the committee approved unanimously.

Approval to Site a Redwood Grove on Campus as a Field Experiment for Distributing Reclaimed Water

Daniel Carlson, Capital Projects Coordinator with the City of Santa Rosa, requested that the committee consider participating in the current study being conducted in the Santa Rosa district for the distribution of reclaimed water. This study includes an experiment to evaluate the effectiveness of Redwood trees to use recycled water during winter months. Because the campus already meets the criteria of using reclaimed water for irrigation and the possibility of tying into the academic program and using student monitors for the experiment, Santa Rosa is asking the campus to consider a site for the experiment. The program is to construct underground emitters for both mature trees and new seedlings. The project would have a limited life, three years is proposed, and then the new trees would be harvested. Chris Kjeldsen expressed interest in involving Biology students with the monitoring efforts of the study. Should the campus approve the project, the City would work with Facilities Services staff to compose a Memorandum of Understanding that would include a three year review of the project and the need to continue on the site. The recommended site was between the edge of Parking Lot F and the grove of existing Redwood trees. This site is master planned for a small extension of the parking lot at some time in the future. John Bond moved that the committee approve the project and the site, Vice President Furukawa-Schlereth seconded the motion and the committee approved it unanimously.

Installation of a Memorial Plaque in Front of the Student Union

Deborah DuVall distributed a request from the Psychology Department asking to name the "Free-Speech" area in front of the Student Union. There was some discussion about whether an area such as this falls under the policy for Naming University Facilities. It was generally agreed that it did, which meant that the formal procedure would have to be followed. However, the committee also agreed that there was some confusion, or lack of definition, about where the Free-Speech area was located and recommended that question be answered before any naming procedure be considered. Vice President Farish, as Chair, made the decision to table the proposal until the Fall semester to allow for definition of the location.

Petaluma Hill Road/East Cotati Avenue Parking

Vice President Furukawa-Schlereth reported that he had been asked by the Campus Reengineering Committee to bring the issue of the elimination of parking on Petaluma Hill Road and East Cotati Avenue back to the Campus Planning Committee for reconsideration. The committee reviewed the action taken at their December 6, 1995, meeting whereby they had approved the recommendation to eliminate parking on the roads bordering the campus because of the concern for the safety of pedestrians getting in and out of their cars and crossing in front of the high speed traffic. It had been the issue of safety and the UniversityÕs liabilities and responsibilities for the safety of its members that had generated the recommendation originally. Melinda Barnard asked if there had been an actual vote taken at the earlier meeting and Deborah DuVall confirmed that there had been. The committee was asked the question of whether or not they wanted to amend the recommendation made in 1995. Tom Jacobson moved that the University reconsider the earlier decision to the extent of excluding East Cotati Avenue from the recommendation and eliminate parking on Petaluma Hill Road only since the conditions were different on the two roads. Melinda Barnard seconded the motion. This motion received three YES votes, two NO votes and one abstention.

Installation of Temporary Banner on Campus Grounds

John Bond reported that he had received a request from Pat Fuscaldo from Athletics to place a 3 foot x 10 foot banner advertising his basketball camp on the corner of East Cotati and Petaluma Hill Road. Mr. Bond stated that, up to this time, the campus had not allowed the installation of commercial banners on campus property. Mr. Fuscaldo informed the committee that his camp was a fund raiser for the University not a commercial venture. Melinda Barnard suggested that the committee could approve this banner for 10 weeks only as a trial program since it was an official SSU camp. Pat Fuscaldo asked that the committee approve two banners, one for his soccer camp in June and July and one for the womenÕs soccer camp next January. The committee approved this motion with one opposed vote.

Student Union Sign

John Wright asked that the committee add an agenda item to the meeting and consider approving a Student Union building sign to be placed at the first floor entrance to the building. The sign would be eight inch brass letters attached directly to the building. Deborah DuVall explained that the committee would be approving this as an exemption to the existing sign policy. Don Farish asked that the decision be rescheduled for the next meeting since the meeting had run overtime and further decision was needed in the case of an exemption to an existing policy.

CPC Minutes 1996-1997
Updated 2008-01-17