October 10, 1997


To: Campus Planning Committee

From: Ruben Armiñana, President

Subject: Notes from October 1, 1997 Campus Planning Committee Meeting

Proposal to Name the Information Center

Don Farish presented the recommendation from the subcommittee which reviewed a proposal to name the Information Center. The proposal was to name the building The Jean and Charles Schulz Information Center. Dr. Farish stated that the Campus Policy for Naming Facilities and the Board of Trustees policy had both been met. As required, the subcommittee consisted of members of the Campus Planning Committee, members of the faculty at large, student representatives and staff representatives. The subcommittee evaluated the proposal, taking into consideration the criteria set forth in both the campus policy and the Board of Trustee policy and found that the naming proposal met the criteria for honoring an individual when a significant gift is involved. These are funds that the campus will not be receiving from the State and will make the difference in operating a prototype for a new kind of library, combining traditional library services with a futuristic technology center. Along with the monetary donation, the Schulz collection or original drawings will be on permanent loan to the library giving the University the opportunity to become a research center of international renown.

Don Farish made the motion that the new building would be named The Jean and Charles Schulz Information Center; Larry Furukawa-Schlereth seconded the motion. The committee approved the motion with one abstention.

Approval of the Information Center Parking Plan

Dennis Harris distributed the Final Report and Recommendations of the Information Center Parking Task Force. This recommendation included:

After some discussion of the implication of these changes, Mr. Furukawa-Schlereth moved that the committee approve the recommendations as put forth by the Task Force, John Bond seconded the motion and the committee approved it unanimously. Dr. Armiñana asked that the Task Force implement a public relation campaign before implementation.

Modification to Laurel Drive

Steve Orlick came to the committee with a recommendation to modify Laurel Drive to be either a one-way, right turn only street or an entrance only street. His justification was the unsafe condition produced by the high speeds experienced on Petaluma Hill Road. President Armiñana asked that the agenda item be moved from a discussion item to an action item. Steve Orlick then showed several slides depicting traffic levels and potential accidents. He stated that his preference would be to have the road entrance only. John Bond expressed concern regarding the impact to East Cotati if the southern roads becomes the only exits, especially during construction of the Information Center. He also pointed out the need to develop a plan for delivery trucks and large equipment coming to and from the Corporation Yard. Steve Wilson expressed concern about campus liabilities should there be an accident on Petaluma Hill Road. Once discussion ended, Mr. Furukawa-Schlereth moved that Laurel Drive be modified to be one-way street, entrance only. Steve Wilson seconded the motion. Don Farish asked that a friendly amendment be added requiring John Bond and the campus Police develop a plan that would accomplish the change with as little impact to the operation at the Corporation Yard as possible. The motion was approved unanimously. Dr. Armiñana asked that Larry Furukawa-Schlereth develop an implementation plan.

Proposal to Identify a Free Speech Area on Campus

Mette Adams, from the Associated Students, asked the committee to discuss the possibilities of identifying a free speech area on campus and the installation of a podium constructed in tribute to Mario Savio. Her proposal included three possible locations in the Central Quadrangle. Ms. Adams reminded the committee that a proposal had been developed last year by the Psychology Department to
identify a free speech area named after Professor George McCabe. The committee had, at that time, tabled the recommendation until the two-year requirements for naming a facility after a retired or deceased individual had passed. Ms. Adams felt that these two proposals could work together; the free speech area would be named after George McCabe and the podium in memory of Mario Savio.

The committee discussed the need to identify a free speech area and the implications of free speech on the rest of the campus. There was also discussion regarding the established process and procedure for the two proposals once a free speech area had been identified. Dr. Armiñana asked that Deborah DuVall work with Mette Adams and Lynn McIntyre to develop a systematic way to coordinate the three actions in such a way that policy requirements would be met and the committee could consider the proposals in a meaningful way.

Status Report on the Expansion of Parking Lot F

Deborah DuVall reminded the committee that the 1998/99 Non-State Capital Outlay Program had been approved by the committee including an extension to Parking Lot F. She explained that the need to move this project forward arose when the County restricted parking on Petaluma Hill Road and East Cotati Avenue. Therefore, plans are being generated to expand the lot by 300 spaces before construction of the Information Center so that there would be sufficient parking on campus. For their information, John Bond showed the committee the preliminary plans with the extension. The plans conformed with the Campus Master Plan for parking in that area.

CPC Minutes 1997-1998
Updated 2008-01-17