January 6, 1998


To: Campus Planning Committee

From: Ruben Armiñana President

Subject: Notes from December 17, 1997 Campus Planning Committee Meeting

Approval of Child Care Center Building Addition

The committee was asked to consider a proposal to expand the Children's School to include an infant/Toddler facility. The proposed facility would be a modular unit (24' x 40') attached to the current building. A playground of 900 square feet will extend along the Children's School. The building extension would be funded by a private donation and the program would be funded by a grant from the State Department of Education. Once initiated, this grant would be ongoing. In order to protect the quality of each child's education experience and still offer educational opportunities for students of child development, the facility will have a 6'x20' observation booth for use by students in many courses on campus. Facilities Services had considered the impact to campus infrastructure and found no negative impact. If the grant was approved, funds would be received and construction complete this spring. The committee unanimously approved the proposal contingent on receiving the supporting grant.

Student Union Sign Addition

John Wright asked the committee to approve a new building sign for the Student Union. This sign would be 6 inch brass letters attached directly to the building in the window of the first floor, southwest corner. The President reminded the committee that we had not as yet been able to approve and implement a signage program on the campus. Although there is a high concern about the inadequacies and inconsistencies of signage on the campus, so far, the committee had only approved pilot programs. The committee agreed that discussion regarding the implementation of a sign program has been on the table since 1993, but that other needs have taken priority. President Armi–ana anticipates that the program will finally be promoted within the next year because of the needs of new facilities. Given the status of the signage program, the committee agreed unanimously to approve the Student Union sign addition as a temporary sign subject to reconsideration once the permanent program is finalized and approved.

Approval of Campus Construction Signs

Dennis Harris reported on a recommendation from the Construction Communication Committee Task Force to install two Construction Update Signs. These would provide weekly updates on major changes at construction sites. Exterior dimensions are 4' x 8'. The proposal is to place the signs at two locations, the Central Campus and Student Housing. The Committee considered four locations in the Central Campus and approved the Student Housing location at Zinfandel and the #1 location in front of Stevenson Hall Breezway. Updating these signs would be the responsibility of University Affairs.

Measures to Reduce Speeding on Campus Roads

Pat Carr reported that he has received a number of complaints regarding pedestrian safety in three areas: the crosswalk between Zinfandel and Carson Hall, the crosswalk that spans the Central Dorm Lot between Marin and Chardonnay and the crosswalk between J Lot and the Boiler Plant. To solve the problem Pat Carr proposed the installation of speed bumps on either side of J Lot's two crosswalks, on either side of the crosswalk in front of Zinfandel and additional bumps in the Central Dorm Lot. Rather than speed bumps, the committee preferred speed humps. They slow traffic just as well but are less difficult to traverse. Jessica Hewitt asked that the installation of the humps be bicycle friendly. The committee agreed and approved the proposal unanimously.

Cypress Trees at the Tennis Courts

Marcia Hart and Martha Yates asked the committee to approve the removal of the Cypress trees that line the tennis courts on campus. The trees, especially on the south side of the northern courts, shade the courts causing them to remain wet and slippery during the fall and winter months. This condition is unsafe to the point that the courts cannot be used for instruction or competition. In addition, although there are small cracks over the entire surface of the courts, the cracking in the shaded area mentioned is far greater. This problem has worsened over time as the trees and their root systems have matured. Marcia pointed out that major money is now being spent to resurface all twelve of the courts making the request to remove these trees important to the future condition of the courts.

The consensus of the Athletic faculty and staff is that, although attractive landscaping surrounding the facility is pleasant, the primary purpose of the tennis court facility is to provide a safe environment for instruction, competition and recreation. The committee discussed the options of taking down some of the trees versus all of the trees and the consensus was that if only one row was taken out, the area would look unfinished and lopsided. It would be more consistent to remove all of the trees. Jessica Hewitt asked that the trees not be taken down during bird nesting season. The committee approved the removal of the Cypress Trees on both sides of the courts with one abstention.

Modification to Athletic Fields

Bill Fusco distributed a plan to the committee that modified the athletic fields over a period of three years. The modifications include the conversion of the football stadium to a soccer stadium, location of the softball field batting cage and replacement of scoreboards. The location of the softball field batting cage and the replacement of scoreboards would be accomplished this year. The location for the permanent softball batting cage would remain where it has been temporarily located; on the first base line. The conversion of the football stadium would be staged over a three year period.

The first stage of the stadium conversion in 1998 would include:

An additional stadium goal for 1998 would include installation of light standards and lights should funds become available.

The second stage of stadium conversion in 1999 would include:

The third stage in 2000 would include:

The committee asked how the lighting of the stadium would impact the Observatory Facility and how other modifications would impact uses by other sports such as Lacrosse and Track and Field. Bill Fusco assured the committee that it was not the intention to limit use of the fields but to schedule events so that better use could be made of the facilities.

The committee approved the proposal unanimously.

CPC Minutes 1997-1998
Updated 2008-01-17