October 27, 1998


To: Campus Planning Committee

From: Ruben Armiñana, President

Subject: Notes from October 14, 1998 Campus Planning Committee Meeting

Concept Approval of Campus Master Plan Revision

Deborah DuVall asked the committee to consider a proposed master plan revision that had been generated by the following developments:

A question and comment session was opened. The primary concern centered around the question of the relationship of the physical elements of the master plan to the academic core and the need for more general campus consultation and opportunity for review and input. The consultation so far consisted of the two task forces, one for the University Center and one for the Concert Hall. These committees had broad student, faculty, staff and community representation, but members of the committee felt that there was a need for a wider opportunity for campus review and comment. President Armi–ana responded by saying that the only approval that he would ask for at this meeting would be the approval to proceed into the Environmental Impact Study stage and to include in that process, a opportunity for broader campus review on the proposed revision. The progress of this study and review would then be brought back to the Campus Planning Committee periodically over the next few months. Dr. Armi–ana asked Tom Jacobson to help develop the process whereby an appropriate level of campus consultation could take place. The committee approved this approach unanimously.

Approval of Darwin/Stevenson Courtyard Food Kiosk

Bruce Walker presented a proposal to construct a small food kiosk in the quadrangle between Stevenson and Darwin Halls. This food venue would replace the food cart located on the west side to the library. It would be only large enough to sell hot and cold drinks and some packaged/prepared foods. The architecture would be compatible to both Stevenson, Darwin and the Information Center. There would be a covered, tresseled approach to the sales counter to protect customers from the weather. Tom Jacobson asked that the committee delay the approval of this project until there had been an opportunity for public comment and participation. The committee agreed to setting up such an opportunity before final approval.

Approval of New Student Housing Program and Conference Area

There is currently a maintenance building and storage garage in the housing complex located on the north edge of the Laura Gale Field. The maintenance function has moved to the Corporation Yard giving rise to a proposal to renovate the two maintenance buildings and construct a building addition adjacent to the existing space. The buildings could provide a temporary space for the Rohnert Park High School. The housing program could share use of the space during the summers and in the evenings, until the High School moves into its permanent location, at which time the buildings would be used exclusively by the housing program for student programming and conference space. The architectural style of the new construction will be consistent with the residential complex and the site is consistent with the Master Plan. The committee unanimously approved the proposal for the renovation and addition.

Approval of Anthropology Study Center Temporary Trailer

The ASC has recently been awarded contracts in excess of $2 million by the State of California and are in need of additional space to house the related activities. Adrian Praetzellis asked the committee to approve the installation of a temporary, wheeled, office trailer within the ASC current fenced yard. The 10 by 35 foot trailer will be used as office and workroom space for personnel working on archaeological collections and producing technical reports. The trailer will be rented month to month by ASC and costs reimbursed out of contract funds. The need for the trailer office will be 36 months. After that, the trailer will be removed. The committee approved the request unanimously.

Approval of Campus Exterior Signage Plan

John Bond reported on the recommendation from the Campus Exterior Signage Task Force. This task force has been working on establishing a program which will enhance campus building signs, directional signs, maps and information booth improvements. John stated that the work of the task force was not yet completed but that he would like to ask for Campus Planning Committee approval of the first three components of the improvement plans. Those components would include:

The committee approved this plan with one abstention. Steve Orlick felt that the committee should have hired an architect to consider individual signs for the buildings, that would match their architectural style, rather than having one consistent style for all of the buildings.

Concept Approval of Stevenson Hall Stairwell Addition

Deborah DuVall reminded the committee of a project to improve the Stevenson Hall western stairwell and loading dock. The stairwell is a safety hazard because of the small door landings on the second and third floors. Students coming out of the building often collide with students going into the building. Deborah reported on a plan being developed by the architectural firm, TLCD, which would add an external stairwell to the building at the western loading dock. She explained that expansion of the existing internal stairwell would be structurally difficult and expensive and that the new external stairwell would be a more feasible solution. The committee instructed Deborah to continue working with the architects to develop schematic plans and to bring these plans back to the committee.

As the committee was adjourning, Steve Orlick asked the President about consideration of a proposal from the faculty of the Environmental Studies and Planning Department to name the SSU Native Plant Garden. President Armi–ana said that a new policy for naming of facilities was being finalized in the ChancellorÕs Office and that the committee should wait until the next meeting of the Campus Planning Committee to consider this new proposal in light of that policy.

CPC Minutes 1998-1999
Updated 2008-01-17