May 25, 1999


To:Campus Planning Committee

From: Ruben Armiñana, President

Subject: Notes from May 6, 1999 Campus Planning Committee Meeting

Soccer Field Modifications

This agenda item was deferred because of the absence of Bill Fusco who was making the proposal.

Approval of the Stevenson Stairwell Design Concept.

Deborah DuVall reminded the committee of the need and history of correcting the Stevenson Hall Stairwell. Two years ago this committee asked staff to find a solution to the safety hazard and the aesthetic incompatibility of the Stevenson Stairwell and loading dock. Last October the committee saw a concept that included building an attached stairwell tower to the west end of the building. This would have been a costly project and the committee had concerns about whether the structure would be compatible with the architectural style for both Stevenson Hall and the Information Center. Since that meeting, our campus consulting architects TLCD have come up with a solution that can be done within the existing building structure at a substantially lower cost. This proposal will solve the safety hazard on the stairs and give the building a real lobby area with an attractive "front door" that will be compatible to the Information Center central plaza. Alan Butler presented drawings and a model that depicted an enlarged stairwell lobby which would remove the inner doors that caused the hazard; and an outside modification to the loading dock area including stairs and a central ramp along with a projected full height storefront with a projected canopy.Steve Orlick asked if a study had been done to assure us that the stairwell could handle the evacuation of occupants during an emergency. President Arminana asked that the project include good signage and evacuation plans. The committee approved the schematic design unanimously.

Residence Halls Naming Proposal

Tim Tiemens asked the committee to consider a naming proposal for the Residence Halls complex. He explained that when the original housing buildings were constructed in 1973, they were named after a distinctive geographical feature of our local area - premium wines and grape varieties: Barbera, Chardonnay, Flora, Riesling, Semillon, and Traminer. These names were approved by the CSU Board of Trustees as they met the Trustees geographical feature naming requirement. When the first SSU apartments were constructed in 1985, they also were named after wines and wine grapes: Gamay, Merlot, Muscat, Pinot, and Tokay. Again, at that time the Board of Trustees approved these names. The proposal was to continue the wine and grape variety theme and name the new apartments as the Sauvignon Village with the following building names: Alicante, Burgundy, Colombard, Fume Blanc, Grenache, Marsanne, and Sirah. The proposal also included renaming the Sonoma complex Verdot Village with the buildings being Sautern, Chablis, Chenin Blanc, Sangiovese, Meritage and Claret, in order to be consistent with the other complexes. It also proposed to name the Housing Meeting Rooms as follows:

Sauvignon Village

Zinfandel Village

Cabernet Village

Steve Orlick stated that he thought the names should show direction as well as just a name since the complex was so large and difficult to navigate.
Joe Latulippe stated that students didn't have trouble finding their way around and he saw no reason why the grape variety names would not work fine.
Larry Furukawa-Schlereth stated that he felt that we should find ways to bring the academic community into the residential complex more often so that they would be more familiar with the layout.
Natasha Littletree stated that the use of directories would make locations easier to find and solve the problem.
President Arminana agreed that there was a need for directories and better mapping and signs.
John Bond pointed out that there was a signage committee whose task it was to improve campus signs and they were considering both.
The committee approved the naming proposal with one opposing vote and one abstention.

Approval of Direction to EIR and Planning Consultants

Deborah DuVall reminded the committee that at the April meeting, Tom Jacobson gave a summary view of the method and results of the campus outreach program and the comments received to that point. Since then, a final report has been produced and distributed summarizing those comments. The report does not attempt to quantify the comments in any way; the issues were recorded whether raised by one person or a dozen. The task at this meeting was to make the decision to include in the project-- or exclude from the project any or all of the issues raised during the outreach program. The issues would then be developed by the consultants and included in the EIR process with final results brought back to the Campus Planning Committee in the Fall. The final report a list of issues and options. Once the committee had discussed the list in detail, the following were the issues that were approved to be given to the consultants for inclusion:

The meeting adjourned with the reading of a letter from Natasha Littletree to the committee which expressed appreciation for the committee's work over the year of her involvement.

CPC Minutes 1998-1999
Updated 2008-01-17