December 11, 1999


To: Campus Planning Committee

From: Ruben Armiñana, President

Subject: Notes from December 8, 1999 Campus Planning Committee Meeting

Naming of University Roadways

John Bond brought a request forward from the Task Force on Campus Signing asking the committee to consider naming the newly completed, realigned "Construction Road". The proposed name for that road was Vine Street. If approved, the Signing Task force was proposing to place just the name "Vine" on the street signs though campus maps would reflect the full name Vine Street. Dennis Harris moved that this recommendation be approved. Steve Wilson seconded the motion and the committee approved it unanimously.

The second half of the recommendation was to change the road name "Redwood Circle" to West Redwood Drive and East Redwood Drive. The divider would be at South Sequoia Way. There was general agreement that Redwood Circle would never become a circle and so the committee approved this recommendation unanimously as well.

Relocation of the Wareham

Sculpture The committee had approved the relocation of the Wareham sculpture to the southwest side of the Art Building at a previous meeting. The sculpture has not yet been moved but is waiting a budget allocation to do so. However, since that time, Michael Schwager and John Bond have become convinced that the southwest location present problems as far as existing utilities and the size and relationship of the sculpture to the Art Building. As a result of these concerns Michael Schwager and John Bond asked the committee to reconsider a new location at the northwest corner of the Art Building. Steve Wilson made a motion that the new location be approved. Bernie Goldstein seconded the motion and the committee approved unanimously.

Update on the Proposed Master Plan Revision

Deborah DuVall gave an update on the progress since the last Campus Planning Committee Meeting on the Master Plan revision efforts. She stated that the consultants were in the stage of responding to the comments and questions received during the public review period of the Environmental Impact Report. She exhibited a revised site plan of the Music Center Development project that reflected changes to the project resulting from the comments received and meetings with concerned campus members. These changes included:

The committee agreed that this modification produced an improved project.

CPC Minutes 1999-2000
Updated 2008-01-17